Whose Weekend Was It - February 12th, 2018

Monday, February 12th


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I'm wonderful weekend. It was silent. Well I got this deli but I grant and earn that then we had a spectacular birthday party for him on Saturday. Wow isn't that nice little happy birthday to your grandson what is his name. Kingston. Steam very royal ten from. Pressure into his Capital One of us over the weekend very simple game your job is to pick me Tammy Bruce step if you can get into one of us okay. All right sure wayside one of us treated ourselves to a delightful resign over the weekend. Have a nice delightful massage this weekend and and it wasn't every month members of Stanford's got. How is that collect a massage. Well here's the funny thing Sherry John was away on a guys weekend. The one who had the delightful the size. Is the odd. Or. Where else do you go to get us all you can have a masseuse kind of New York plays Soria all right well yeah that would do it was a gelding I do us. All right this stuff is not pick on John time I'm. Yes I didn't Jerry and Kingston needs you listen to me is I AM. If I wasn't a guys weekend. But Saturday Saturday morning they they're all golfers. No I'm sure you ever heard and I had back surgery a few years ago Jimmy Rubin the button you did I didn't I didn't know it and I. Hi I have I can't tightened a bit twisting on the core. Is very prevalent engulfing guys can't do that anymore so I sold those guys do their unholy do it we're hoping to don't know. So unfortunately cousin. But he gets noted in Chicago. So he couldn't meet with how good they are housed in Phoenix too so I don't know what to do so I'm I think you know what. How do the anti twisting of the court Hubble get a massage and and and help my back so. I didn't. And I regret nothing yeah I think is a minute I was at. Big ship that pat right get that break you very much I had a great time to relax and it felt like a rubber band when I left. And it was completely what I need interviewing guys we get eyes took four hours myself dribble before are decidedly old. Pregame ritual spiritual desperate what is the pre and post game and it doesn't. This does not know just I almost feel. Events. The whole event was gone over the course at my hunch is correct via. Why is getting a massage and really there's nothing about getting massage that's on mainly the fact that you have a pregame and postgame ritual that takes okay takes four hours. It's kind of a whole bunch first perhaps you have. As it champagne with some bubbly is I think they call them Mosul maybe if you're a man those around certain events that could end up and then you didn't get a chance Irish. And then you can't get a state yeah. Any city. Yeah we are gonna queue up with a four pack of tickets to SeaWorld San Diego where you can celebrate the year that dog they have all kinds of exciting sounds and flavors of Asia SeaWorld. Family fun events celebrating the Lunar New Year with Chinese acrobats special honor came in all kinds of great stuff cool. That's true oh my god I forgot the best part there's a puppy garden I. And I'll be darned involved but these are yeah how exciting it is. I'm on my lap back and at that yeah so excited.