Whose Weekend Was It - December 4th, 2017

Monday, December 4th


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Sweet yeah. We welcome David in CNT on 137 UK SO and with John and Timmy in the morning good morning David. Oh lord oh are you in the holiday spirit yet. No not. Yeah. But one of us informed our family we are not doing the family Christmas cards that you print in mail out this year. Who's doing that David. A minority. That would seem the logical choice since only children are adults. Someone has a brand new baby that you would think everybody want pictures from. Or concert staff I did I announced on FaceBook yesterday. I don't think I'd fit with the photo of the kids and and they said eight family I know my money's going to hate this I think we should call her to capture share and I am giving you this photo right here on FaceBook insists Christmas card this year because. Do anything anyways yeah you see everything camp FaceBook Ramadan feast but what else can I Schiller. And her announcer that she doesn't already know yet. Injured going back home for the holidays so they'll quickly are users and it's like new baby yeah. And I'm ready for my Amma does it. It out session what time traditions that timing here David are you doing Christmas card. The spring or why the Christmas cards. You're going to get in a little bit this year because we do have a panic or picket tickets to irradiate children's. Drink in and out through January 7 at liberty station. 00. Engage in Chris Bury David very. That's awesome in the meantime 6195701973. Are you doing the Christmas cards this year did you say. Just a wasted time money and energy you know un general or may be like no we have to do it. Wanna know your thoughts 61957. Now. 1973. Asking about Christmas cards are you doing this year are you not I think that to my family I am not for the first. Helen are you doing Christmas cards this year. And her current and I got 250. Yeah and this is a family Christmas card. How that are. Alec rip apart on the other line between my boyfriend where an arrogant and carted lull out. Handwriting a couple of minor it is Christmas card. Only got in your handwriting is now looking into and happy holidays postcard re just stick. Because everybody does that photo nowadays nobody thought it was hard mile that way wow wow can I ask how old you are. When you're 22 in your hand doing all of this I am impressed with you. At a big deal Ernie they can't aware that the or. Are at Bagram and let it rot. Lone highlight there that it can. Now pay into bill ads like these. It now Alec popping. Up and that might not about them it aren't wanna get that other people. Bet you bet you know. You're a great point because I'm thinking right now. Like my made my eight almost 21 year old daughter. I'll betcha she never goes boy I wish I go get the mail and see if there's anything in there like we used like and here's a young to have that feeling I love bats. I act like they LL at bat out and might I don't accurately and I really like I make. It got a great big important. You an amazing human and I you know. Your staff could I I'm very impressive now my question is how do you get 250 people though on that list that's a lot of people to know. I went beyond have a lot there are now many about empire. Well you know I iPad at bat and then like we all know. We worked really big backing up in the Utley we're glad and that I am well. We can't. You know get that we are getting do they get 1 I am much like I. Okay GG two cards right yeah. Young wow I'm impressed you're 22 years old you are doing this I that's incredible three outs. I've been. A lot or your I am I keep doing it. Now that's a little proud you wanna do my Christmas and not yeah. Or 200 sums up I think she's done a great he's done happy holidays. Merry Christmas many.