Whose Weekend Was It - August 6th, 2018

Monday, August 6th


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Davidson lakeside to play. I listen here's the deal with whose weekend was that were at this the Capital One of us over the weekend gave your job is very simple dispute meet John. Sammy ore producer Jess okay. Our buddy. Well. One of us attended a baby shower over the weekend that David which turned into a surprise wedding. Fans. Was it means. Death it was made. It was handy. I was standing in half. Was it producer Jess. Better than. So what's the deal you got to marry our David. It was all of us all of us were there are so when the matter who you said you were gonna be right. Because. I got this week had absolutely. I can barely there. At a the only person besides Janice in this room that news who's gonna get married was Tammy you'll have more throughout the morning on this but I I I had no idea. And as god as my witness I almost missed the entire message and yet it at vehemently. Now that's a prize has no we citizen and David what wasn't as late for a surprise Ireland again and I'm out there. Yeah out. David did welcome gradually. In general four pack of tickets to go to butch and Duke's country's best of hard rock hotel. Downtown on Sunday August 19 everywhere else would like to buy tickets they can in the can go to kiss when that kind of click on the concert by then use the promo code. Kiss and get five dollars off. But you have four tickets and you're going. For free again as the summer 101000 tickets enjoy that we appreciate you listening and playing who's weak and was it and the big news of course the he breaking news if you will. Is that pretty suggest is only about to be a mom but she's now a wife that. Oh why are you right now how we're does that sound I have hit me if they keep I want to save my boyfriend well it you know had a choice and you showed its. I out we'll have more on lease the absolutely shockingly surprise wedding of our producer Jessica thank you for providing content for this morning show. Your very unselfish at 740 we'll have the complete details with you when she'd bit go to the PS wanted to John to be FaceBook page is clips all over. Of just shocking the world. Yeah I getting married yet even her mom did not know him all right this is clearly Danica moment nobody been there. In insanely impressive to her and that was I would have broken 12.