Whose Weekend Was It - August 20th, 2018

Monday, August 20th


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Cheri isn't Escondido and a day. LaMont today and this is one of our more simple games how are you. Wall. And beat him doing okay ten you are. Nobody is just a pregnant. I think the night the blood. I don't want to open or they won't all the race you can I bet. I am now. All right we'll share here's the deal were anti Soviet Capital One of us over the weekend your job very simple technique Tammy or pretty suggest depending on who you think it happened to okay. Sherry in Escondido one of us spent the entire dean. Dread again one of us that the entire day in our bedroom on Saturday. Boys and they Sherry. So that's good prep. That's really good powers of deduction you think maybe she just chosen to take arresting an AV was even doctors ordered two dollars. Poll. Not right and I have. I have too much dvd in and did too much impatient energy to stay in my take anywhere from one place at a time so I guess so BM. Mean and up pop pop up until I went all Saturday. Started about noon here ever have a one of those dumb fights with your significant that there really stupid but. Both people are being stubborn. Yeah basically the definition of any fight really believe people are being stubborn and and well I think someone chooses. Eventually to give in and that's how things are are mandated yet it just it was just Don it was a really dumb that I always to the whole day at new assignment of going in my room and I watched a movie and I and it just staying there and it got snacks came into my room watching the movie when that's an act Arab. Waist holding Saturday just because I was you know PO. I wake of the devil's advocate here I'm always very positive you know that a bombing. Could come. Don't think maybe it was a healthy approach maybe he needs some time apart exactly why did because I didn't want to continue our unity wanted to as Clayton you know just be just be bad and you knew it was his fault zone. Yeah. But the. No don't don't need out doesn't it bad guys are out here that actually Welsh Terrier again you're thinking reasonably you are thinking it was and just probably needs it. Speaker you know to take. It was a load off order a part of this decision when it does that give some arrests but known to not this weekend. And well.