Whose Weekend Was It - August 13th, 2018

Monday, August 13th


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All right we're gonna go out to El Cajon and say good morning to Cindy hi Cindy. Hi good morning how was your weekend. Anything that stands out that you wanna share. And I iMac Miki San. Went to mount Soledad. Wild hair not say that's good when you can see it was a great weekend that's always a good thing. We're pretty sure John semi great we can because he's on vacation. The I. Does Cindy we're gonna serious story and it either is about neo or is it about producer Jesse knew your job is to just determine who's weak and was it okay. Right Yuriko. One of bus finally after three months satisfied. Are craving. For a hold. Crab legs. Kim craven that Cindy. I would hate me is it me. And aren't gonna have this stuff. Craving part since it is their guess is just a couple of weeks away from having baby Walt. But no always me it was one of those I got it in my head like three months ago. You really want this and like recently it was going to lunch with a friend their Equity One senator called crap. On and we ended up at a Mexican restaurant eating eating tacos at that didn't do it it was like so yesterday. My husband and I it's a friends we were down at Pepco. At the end game which by the way yeah at times. It was great game that's what a Grand Slam home run and we finally got out to a seafood place and had some thing and casting cold crab it was delicious. And you knew whose week it was which means you are winners Cindy. Yeah. Where have you fifty dollars to spend at the GTM discount stores seem Diego's number one discount store to give brand name her today's daily. Your family home and office up to 70% off and more below retail so awesome. Are on the end you bet thank you for playing this weekend wasn't Cindy I hope your week goes well.