Who Walked In On You Naked?

Monday, November 6th


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I met with car skids over the years they've accidentally walked in when mom or dad has been naked happened so now. I brought this subject Jan yeah. An abrupt subject change budgets and well if three girls rates gonna happen raising great kids to. I bring this up because it just happens to my husband and I we're getting our dressing room and I guess herb. Regular toward our bedroom wasn't shots and all of a sudden my son comes on the chorus and Grayson is eighteen Eagles. All I didn't need to see that's just talking about his dad and he's got a senior ran Viennese. I'm panties. Hit an eye on his yacht but it happens sometimes you just get in a weird situation you get caught naked. And got as high as it was all your kids it's kind of happened do you multiple times right. Well I like wearing clothes so I probably helped me get a would you see how the environment. I don't think telling a player volleyball or guarded. With this not wearing clothes hats I don't walk around my house naked mr. man. How does your soda more self righteous well I don't know why punish. Pretty yeah into an I don't like wearing clothes. Knowingly you nudie. That's excellent 9570. Number 1973. Is bound to happen eventually oh my god was embarrassed and times it was caught without your clothes on Cragg. Yes so this one time. My neighbors stop by and you know such on the door opener like hey c'mon man. Kabul and I didn't realize that my wife was the directly behind me what makes kids. Com and they dish Hewitt Associates routers that there are some that they're now on. Yeah she wouldn't complete about its. You've obviously you know I Bruce's death I have. Always wears clothes. Really enclosed David up. You'll never get to meet showered naked and when the evening thinking well what. About you Carla. I actually moved my friend's boyfriend won I was attempting to move my friend mission can give adore my bedroom and her boyfriend hot game hitting it super. Super hot putter yeah I spoke together and comes up all the. Analysts and senior make it but yeah it's a cup and you'll never see mine and couldn't. 6195 send us your I made children can pick up I don't live it down MI and and this is Hillary now can add I like wearing close. And I do not want from my house make a. It's happened everybody feels embarrassed and I was I was busted you got to close the that's an excellent 9570. Number 197 theory. With how to it was unforgettable. Come at them walks in the earlier in the in the altogether. When so once the most embarrassing time for your church capitalize OK I remember to their right to want to sound that we are records adolescents or Jimmy naked I was load on my daughter went to and we whose whose small yeah gospels act like it's a yuniesky overreact here on teach them at their bodies are bad there right side is kind of like okay. Usually announce he's like. Asked Bob Bob as I forgot to watch tonight is a GU doesn't work out that come politically and grabbing a valid. So most of us electors or step ray who's never naked. OK and I restate that I hasten mr. Henderson doesn't bomb like you'd who apparently it's. I like where I'm like wearing Clinton won't count irony cattle die. You look at where it's at right now pat I'll meet you Mike others have walked in so many time yes in the shower in the bath there we have yet you count that at all no I don't count bats. That is you being here. Yeah I'm not exactly pertains to what we're talking about so that doesn't embarrass me in May be like my in laws or somebody cautioned them and again. It close and what god I don't add up. When I go out and. Chelsea is in Oceanside all right Jones is up and everybody accepts up apparently thought both of parenting time zones costs you without your clothes on. Well like I got me mate I'm on and now. My fiance and I are living and to get act. Am I I let dot com I played though and headed yeah they had a hand bar. My asking Brad and you play and I let it come out and I like getting ready to get our. In about Emmitt and art let me about a pair deny that that would have been and then okay. That's not bad bad mood that I'm battling down all day. I think changing making our. Our male and our round. And bad and not to open the guy and I like how make Ed. And then I got a how I'm gonna get hurt and my brother and I can then and open the back end are and then my mother and my mom he'd been the main thing now I called me needing and pet. Yeah not on how guys could do that's really typically they just didn't lose respect anybody's privacy is how they ring how they honor roll. I'm not act like there is very blame and they all like. Mary like blocking each other and uneven and knocked. Are anything and I I was like absolutely not. Another. Three times in one point eight we have a winner winner. Tertiary thank you for sharing. Judy is an Alpine Judy most embarrassing times it was Boston G without clothes on. Well it's really funny but I'll let my husband was in the military at least have a lot of parties in the boardroom. And he would think you can view and he'd ring the doorbell or not if they all come here and you know when you're running around trying to put out party yeah you don't want anybody there Carol LII apparently decide yet whatever one day as me. I'm all Judy that the Catholic early and I said yeah okay whatever I walked out of the bedroom optical get something from all of. They. Didn't. So he all the time has been Matthew it's you know only their religion telling you don't want her really was true it was the chaplain. It was but yeah all honey don't. Hey honey didn't I collection on top. I was tremendously funny I. Up I brought it might. Make one more in him and David did get Andrea did you. Larry it's all right thank you Don is America and for any new home yours in home mad that I am mad as she actually she had her husband when and how long it took her to speak to them again. Because he's just like you you know it is dying laughing and it. The public about the knicks and she's had surge song is.