Who Fell Asleep During a Luke Bryan Performance?

Monday, March 19th


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Can you imagine him being. Any hotel suites maybe twenty people there. Luke Bryan's giving you a private concert you're like Brighton excellent Bryant that might be an opportunity of a lifetime wouldn't repeat it really cared would be something you'd think you'd at least oh I don't know. Stay awake. So recently pink. Bros was part of a whole group of music directors and program directors. Who were in Nashville for during the Super Bowl hand Luke Bryan invited certain ones too. A special performance in a Super Bowl party fifty and then not did this private performance and explain to us why Brooks O'Brien there is video review and snoring away I'm hale wasn't snoring and Luke noticed and what happened I was so lead being moved. Because you know there's good news day I'd just had dinner I may have had a couple lessen the wine went to dinner and it makes you sleep you know he chair I was in a really can't be there right next to the drummer. Met what are keep you away. A pillow didn't know I was just and bracing myself well the video you were cooling yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah so yeah. Haven't won slowed Brian realized that you were sleeping what did he do well he may have done a little gyrations dance six. Yeah and up and kissed me. On the cheek he's leery Bryant rather you and when I'm not that's why are so you know I was I. I love you run up. Sneaky plan all along health policy and then look primal way I'm telling you now everybody has seen the video it gives you the video you'll probably see it somewhat highlight what am I give you mad props for actually hosting the yeah yeah like I would have burned it if it was me yeah but I think it's video proof that prank just trying to cheat so you don't and that. And you get to watch as is again the essence admitting that it asked her. Now that everybody knows what happens when you fall asleep and only Brian show women are going to be taking night quill there look. Left and right yeah I got Brooks re you mortified when he woke up and watch everybody looking at you Luke Bryan I would and applied for a moment and then I was like. And it's and if there is not as early sit there and say well we're we're. And you're famous now you know this right like I talked to people who work in our business. Outside of San Diego where do you work with that girl that tells into the loop why try to show him. And I probably. I used to tell my husband let sleeping is my favorite pastime brain he was at that in the in the back of the room yet now he truly believe yes he does that tough talk while I make you for sharing that with everyone because it's a really fine and we'll portion of the video. Perfect banks' books.