Where Your Donations to John and Tammy's Food Fund Go

Wednesday, November 1st


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It's here. On Friday we are stoked to bring it back again John Jamie's food fund I believe our fifth year of raising food and in the nonperishable items for the San new food banks. A so many people reliant. A rely rather on the the food banks to get through the holidays to get through winter to make sure their kids go to school with a full stomach and we can go to school hungry. And I shouldn't be happening now. Who'll. Is affected who is gets the benefits of John Jimmy's sand eagle food fund well check this out. So many natural instincts and some kind special events manager for the armed services land CA. And this morning whereas any X which is our neighborhood exchange in every month we serve roughly 20250. Families. That are in need of assistance. We also have. Our community partners are here so not only do they come out for food distribution is more like a farmer's market we never easy here today playing country music. We have worked alive that are here giving up the books for kids. Starbucks. Proud sponsor every month night's grammys now they're gonna show up. And there's going to be called ET's. Even tap water's crest which is awesome yeah dogs on deployment which they're welcoming society. They're also here because you know not only does and we serve but it's your pets are part of the family. So we have dog food. Cat food all bird feed. And alfalfa pellets for your hamsters in the north coast aiming its value they provide most of the food. Work that's which is awesome. So when you bring you food giant Jamie's food fund. Yes you are helping the San Diego food bank which in turn. Helping out wonderful organizations like this helping military families in need feed their families as it's all very cyclical thing of giving it's a great thing. You must love your job I love my job it's it's very gratifying and you've got a wanna work for nonprofit groups and knowing that. Here work to mean something right you know not only are military times are here at the outset the military volunteer program. So some volunteers that are here that they are active duty there. So the kid that just came up in the picture that he's he's going to let you can't dream. So he's putting in his time before he takes off and if you notice we have one of our volunteers here in uniform yeah. You know they take time off their commands and their command allows them to be out here and giving back to their own community. This cycle of giving me that becomes he is contain it feels good doing give more. Usually give I'd John Jimmy's Friday food fund. We got a lot of things that we need to get the most important thing if you can get a is proteins because that's the first thing to go when you're trying to save money because they're the most expensive. So canned tuna canned chicken. Dried and canned beans good source of protein also peanut daughter. And nuts and seeds are also very good source of protein that you can get and of course obviously canned vegetables. Infant formula for I was very expensive. And that's a great way to help out as well so again nonperishable food items this Friday but if you can't come and visit us. We have a virtual. Two food drive. I'm right on line at KS ON dot com but we love you took. Starting things off North County Carlsbad. To be specific right off the five on T Emmerich the village kitchen and pie shop if you're familiar with Carlsbad. You're familiar with that family owned restaurant is familiar with weekend morning breakfast and NBC might tired but there once in awhile to American Mindy. The bossa omelet for you. Coming home aren't here Maria it's definitely this year tonight will be a boy Alito left over ten. No leftovers. All right let's if you can't have breakfast we love that bring you nonperishable foods if you don't have time for breakfast what's the oldest drive by. We'll have his own staff they're ready to grab your camera in thank you for that. Tony hawks gonna stop by that's been super accumulated I'm really excited to man John Jamie's food fund go to KS when dot com for all the details and we'll see you on Friday.