Where Did You Loose Your Kid?

Tuesday, June 19th


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You've probably heard this story by now seen this video by now first and foremost it's at a community center it's not an art gallery. It's not an A museum just that's important it establishes cassettes communities that are what happens time. Families come to celebrities sure that's what they were doing their at a celebration cracked. So we had the wedding receptions and five year old boy and his family are there this five year old boy and his brother they see this this piece of artwork in. He'll eat even if you let me ask you want would attract. A five year old boy to a piece of art yeah. How would put this. I know you're gonna play these guys have you watched the video I don't know exactly what you're gonna say the piece of art. Had with the call in the art world movies a man. Yeah their parents said he was hugging your confetti was hugging now is that. This little boy it was groping not statue movies yet and come on it five between 55 I. If it ends up. She. Stood up and yeah. Most consumers don't movies and movies on my glass their glass mosaic glass so shiny shiny and rubio is right or as they were I. And it what it said was important okay because this wasn't a museum there wasn't a big piece of velvet rope separating the public it was a community center this was just sit there a pedestal you know and this kid went over and and I'm sorry mom says hog we all have eyes we c.'s openness the the movies and and and the statue knocked over and breaks. The Mamas Leo god that's our kids sorry you know right. So they they go this is what's that what's it gonna cost that they can probably what couple 1050600. Bucks may be I think I'll get this get home. One month. 132. Thousand. Dollars Zia was this one of a prosaic sculpture right sitting in a community center in Overland Park, Kansas. Unknown protected it might take five listen forget about. Possible burglar spoken steel ST yeah right I am proud. Five year old kid all wanted to do god bless them was growth and little mosaic movies and and the next thing you know he's get the fifth by the way to secure a fallen on him via. And can't put and it really hurt you injured him it goes in listen. If there's plenty to say there aren't supervised fine they were at the mall at the kid did run up and grab it but it could have been a janitor vacuuming that knocked it over could be anybody it shouldn't have been there in any community center 132000. Dollar. Sculptured appearance of it that's the accident but they did the daily damage statute of course that starts with dole you can watch your kids. Okay sure you turn your head for 12. In your kid disappears. And if he hasn't happened yet wait because it will have that toddlers can be as fast. As Olympics printers when you turn your head absolutely 8332871037. Wary you the first time you lost your toddler a hot and I'm happy to dazzle. Me 332871037. With John and Tim in the morning. San Diego's number one for the country one of 37 Selanne. And you know recently as Obama beat Portland in the parents for the ski that broke that. Mosaic in Overland Park Texas are in Kansas rather saying that day completely kid. And disappear. Really you know it's not your back for one split second you can just does all that air and there's plenty of people claim that 8332737. Sure it's ever happened to you welcome John Jameel 37 KS ON cafes in Ramona what I'm Kathy. That. The open guy on my daughter it was. Called the bill. I backed out at. Op I thought I'd be back at bell right. They are expected to go out that they'll adopt an error about the. And how freaked out free when you're trying to get yourself dressed madly just and you basically naked gun to transcend the turn your kid on. And then you like I what are often part. The dorm. That the and he was there a beer outside the bar by. How about that a lot about. It got back into a body but not that bad. I'm here and you're having eight heart attack right pig that. I thought it. I can't wait this out there to happen but I. I'm telling you right now can this all adds to can't wait to our kids are older we need revenge on the apple absolutely maximum number that time when I was heavy heart attacks and you have little Tea Party dress actions. Yeah. 8332871037. Casey tells all you lost your kidneys to each regret for one the second. The third President Bush. We're holding him and I pushed back in the crowd. We need a second that's amazing. George H. W. Bush was holding your child. Why didn't eat I didn't think you need I article they eat in. Powell and palate like let their new album here I thought they wanted you know he's always open date equally at my age here Democrat who laid back. How did you keep your baby back from the president. And you and I think that we yeah. And I respect you or your baby assured the president led to a more than that the pitcher was taken. I'm sure is a beautiful picture keynesian the president was thrilled to be holding a baby as long as I apologize. I can imagine it watching and they'll present holding your child knowing he's not be doing so much longer after the photo op is over and you're like fading away here. Acting here. Social easier than you might think judgment till parent.