When a Lemur Shows Up at Your Door

Tuesday, December 12th


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Have you ever studied the people that bring packages to your home is timing here really really studied them. You might want to have two year associate producer Jessica and her brush with the a wild animal and all we her. Why. Welcome to San Diego's number one Q country one of 37 KM Selanne that Jesse was a matter of fact last week when you said to us yet the coolest thing happened. I guess and Chris has packages and online shopping delivered to meet with a dude with a leamer on his shoulder and. Actually my post meets delivery and help all Powell can't we got some food. Well regardless a deliveryman and that's the important thing to lead or older and Katrina and the president is more food and yeah. Lame duck. The leader of the important part who cares what he was delivering we are waiting for our dinner at home and we'd ordered post mates and the guy walks up you know she can watch as he went in there and Michael he's here cycle or the door. My boyfriend grabbed the doc has sometimes she goes a little crazy room. And Collison I look up he's at the door and there's a leaner on his shoulder. And I might. My first question is merely. Yeah I can't list. And clearly we were on his shoulder was a little glimmer that just happened to be jumping out of the same be bigger for me it's his servicing animal OK and he has a lien as a service now you win this service and Libya lean more I don't know where he was she is he said she's very friendly. Her name I think with Lola and tunnel might not lol believe and are you kidding me I'm not there now I know it's an idea I even have a nonprofit to protect lemur hanging in the car. He's that I can patter but I was afraid the dog would get too jealous yeah he's got his jealous phase right now rain. So I would like Netscape she jumped onto our screen door like hung out there for a couple seconds I got the troops from a dad it was so Q program I'm looking at lemurs as service animals and is we funny cartoon guy in Madagascar Kenya alien yes yes. You've got to move it move it but yeah green. I don't know it. But it was really cool India's is nonprofits so this time product protects lemurs. Obviously you read a little bit about it all of he gave me though that linked to let senators and have to pump. But he he helps protect and keep lemurs so and he has the car wreck because he knows the second he shows a share every house. Bieber to ask him why is fairly social area exactly I think that's. Recall is he's doing a cool thing and who doesn't wallowing are so funny to the service animal under a set to this. Is it a service animal or is an emotional. Support animal which we all those bogus sorry. He service animal cell yeah but that could be an emotional support animal is asserting careful what you say to the I mean actually I know that dogs can be I know that that there are other animals that is his. There have been people who take advantage of them that's run talk how we agree but it isn't just because it's a weird animal that automatically means summits taking advantage of it. There's he would take advantage all the time with dogs. But but I think that just it just depends on what makes you feel that should should be warned. If a gentleman or lady comes to your home delivering something with a wild animal on their shoulder. Shouldn't you be a warrant if that would no one did hold your dog and you all saw that. Now they want the dog is crazy because of that little her on the Skype shall. Goes after the guy and goes over the lemur. Skies prepared and we always try to protect our doc are you now hold our dog got delivery people don't ever got about what you're allergic to lemurs the only okay. I'm. Still. Breezy here if I don't gamers and I know I was so we all the smiling at this you know. I agree I agree lemurs are pretty adore yeah but if you're afraid of rodents like somebody I know I'll see you your you open your door then you're expecting some I don't know some pasta Alfredo and into the content. Blue on the long tailed animal on the cigarette giant. He and his men and run. Don't know is not here to the Q all right six. Bingham and an alert. I was dating a girl once it came out of a bedroom of the rat kronor Jesse McDade over today Kelly I mean I've actually known nonsense happening. 195701973. What is oddest thing. That a person who was delivered something to use either brought her Donner Sadr Warren. They can be a wide list 6195701973.