When John's On Vacation, Tammy and Producer Jessica Get Massages In Studio!

Tuesday, August 14th


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John is out until Thursday so we are trying to think of some fun things we can do while John is gone since he's on vacation we thought we'd get massages Tracy is with us this morning and Tracy you came in to do something very wonderful Larry here this morning. I came to give Tammy 815 minute chairman size. Not I always thought like when you say chair massage that it was just your shoulders but it's way more than that. It's a seated massage with acupressure to the next back. Shoulders. Lower spine and the arms. And the chairs designed to support you forwards that you can relax include price for fifteen minutes as well rate in this was really on ul a wonderfully freeing. Experience or is that still really loosened good and and excited and ready to tackle the day. You know Patrice I was thinking this could be a fantastic thing for someone who want to. A company like once a month having you coming and it. And doing this for everybody and how great that would be because we spent so much time either sitting at our desk at our had to worry even if you have a standing desk. If things are up high enough that puts a lot of pressure on neo. That is true. And that's why I'm so passionate about showing up once a month or even quarterly to say I'm here for you guys let's do this raid them. And it doesn't take to help them all right so Tracey do you think you can give producer just a massage because this poor girl. Is so what ready to have this baby and I had. Diet and I was watch your trying to get out of car this morning but we can probably do a little bit turn a little pressure can't we had the night might even help her. With that. Labor's old be older and don't are locked they don't pleasing all right I'm not we're not really happened tomorrow right now the baby on the show we went. Oh. Ari Fiji is so much Tracy Tammy was great thank you.