When Did Someone Call You Old?

Wednesday, November 8th


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Have you ever done something that make you feel like old man you know you're not an old man they are called like old men in the league twenty something. San Diego's number one for no country KS though and John and Tim in the morning just heard Garth Brooks Tammy is pretty girl brutal wind is I'm sorry. Producers staff has predicted that Garth Brooks with his second straight entertainer of the year CMA award I'd say he should cut but I really think Luke Bryan is gonna get it's what you. So we go you gotta of one. A give fine thank you and people who got their church because I'm the the fan boy. Solicitors or Jessica I'd like to ask you about that I'm for him to be talking too loud for you. It's a very loud and oh my goodness so. I thought were 1957 known number 1973. I was having a conversation with Jessica our associate producer earlier this week who song about her weekend and I'm sorry you sound like an old lady hold early. I'm just trying party for your young person you are a young woman sir. A budding professionals. So wide easily in 95. What because so we went out for a friend's birthday to tin roof downtown over the weekend and he was shown landlord. I couldn't talk to my friends my voice is getting Mars it level eight. And then when we finally could have a conversation. We talked about the fact that I think I need to reading black. Plus Y plus news wall with the it just got yourself in the middle the conversation and say oh my god I. Analyst at one point I liked him a friend and exit the conversation we will have not had ten years ago I don't show any idea 33 years. Unless they give you 43 years old first of all less damage next Saturday night late night gas slam bar gonna be little loan. When she got to be a Barnes & Noble hang it. Why isn't he sold out right can have a conversation certainly missed all around anxiously the black socks and sandals going on you right now. Number 619570. Number 1973. All right Natalie you're not hold it all but what is something you've done recently can you remember that somebody accused you of being an old man even though you're not old at all. I'm did he can't even think Atlanta Atlantic debt and whenever the content it making I mean here I taught my a lot of the public got your. Belt but I can't remember. Alan. But it's moments like that that makes you realize that your life has changed in the last few years no longer in high school no longer in column inch. Well sure. I at a six year old and they look at me and my mom. They're saying that. Yeah yeah. If it Jessica right now. Tuesday would you be able or have been behind the bar that I've people without and what's with the music and I was out of their rent Lebanon some of them might gadget that's in the crowded EG getting their way yeah. Lotta. They saw a 957. On number 197 through the last time you felt like an old man or woman said but we so we're oversold in your not. What happens let us know 61957. On number 1973. I'm Jessica having kids that do not an old person you feel old because he's telling me he's on the Miami's a city you would send them. Was less than he felt old even though you're not 61957. No number 1973. Giants him in the morning. San Diego's number one for new country KM cylinders is Jeff you've got to first of all it's. Nail on the head of what you just said. When I have my parents in the back my brain now I'm in my thirties I have three young kids and they would always say. We light. Now before he's thirty. And kids because now I am so envious of people and I'm going to NC Graham and FaceBook in there on Friday and that goal and are happening or traveling where they wanna go and. Is that we were about. He kids seats around them what does noses and T and drums that's right or even going to the grocery store alone he says that the ticket polite. So I feel old when I go through social media on the weekends and he people are starting to get ready to go out while I'm starting to get ready. And how old are you. 34 yes no not at all. Our phone number 619570. Number 1973. Melissa what's something that happened to you that someone accused you love or you felt like being an old woman even though we are not. I would bet bad mom bad Saturday night at least open let me what. I would like way. Read that pot right it is all around eat what I think everyone in the might hurt or like now that aren't. Okay and a courses as part is seeing how old are you won't. I'm 38 but I thought would older 36 so I think about like. I'm able. I remember feeling that way when I turned thirty Kazaa or my dad when he was thirty thinking oh my god again so all I totally can relate to that. All right Amanda Amanda got the story of the day as far as doing something that old people do even though she's not old. Don't don't. And we have Brad who love to go he only getting better we got. I am planning on going like that. Well if we go again I mean you know immediately port Perry because that's when the crowded there and it's a terrible. Wondered what it's a much more comfortable. My kids they're crying or screaming. Yeah. And you actually get more Brett. Read it in the early. Older crowd seemed restrooms. Yeah it should be pretty happy sir couple those. You know like BN up who did he say you know we need more rent that you get more bread and your treat people are there not grab the early. That's hilarious. I would think that older people lose respect but. I think older people will be more upset with Ron with crying kids you know but no upgrade. I murky in give you a look like I've been married and get better but it doesn't. Moody's and then they take your blood it. NB a mile. That's awesome thank you school lets you program.