When Did Regular Bars Start Charging A Cover?

Tuesday, August 7th


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I'm hesitant to talk about my latest gripe because I am offer is in the sound any old. BE grumpy or see all of the above OK so we've all paid cover charges to go to clubs go to bars we all done it. However wind that bars. Start charging a cover. For no other reason except to charge cover. To get into a regular bar I was out Friday night. Girl when offer and the town and she ended up calling me old and grumpy I. Because we are a barn Carl's that would charges five dollars to get it which is fine whatever sign a big cover charge but what put like. A big DJ or is there a local band there was singer will no disrespect the DG that was there are pretty sure it was the do that they hired to. To be the DJ who wasn't like it was comes C a his world famous DJ and and there was no live band who's just. A bar on a Friday. And by the way what do they care the paces it was packed to the line to get in. Which irritated me is while there's a line yeah OK five but yeah so apparently were out of the Lou I I I don't I just I was like incredulous at what is it. They're paying me out there they're asking me to come and to do what I would do any other borrower can come in for free via as a matter of fact that's the crowded area with lots of bars. More I think about basically paying me to come back. Well I thought the best person to talk to about it was my 21 year old daughter raped she's gonna be honest with me if it were sounding old. And I wanted to ask her about having to pay a cover charge just to get into a bar so you agree with me and I I would never paid five dollars just to get into a bar. There's got to be something else in their for me want to pick fight out there were other the other patrons. Channels on a regular bar in there was a five dollar cover charge just to get into the bar is would you pay five dollars just going to a bar. Peace out yeah in doing now. So it's not that were few sounding like we're old because we're like I'm back or pay a five dollar cost evidently do that all the time. And I'll lots of parts to it most of the time it's either girls by themselves can get in for free or you get a free stamp that's not you can't cover charge. Although I'm glad you brought that up and the other thing that can be off limits was. Not yet if you will again and you gotta pay five bucks chump again come in for free yet I get whenever she was a little more in depth and AM. And the guy pays. Always. It does tell in Sydney I mean how it should be that's what they're expecting. Things to say that the growth in free but the guy pays five. Okay Hamas that the by the discharges over into okay. Health it was late. I guess Andersen has it's like a night club or something like that that's what it is I think the nightclubs to girls get a free guys have to play so I understand a cover charge if there's music yeah. But I don't understand the cover charge to just get into a bar. That's just wanna make their money and. So that's normal for you to death. Okay. You're just being old I don't know I wouldn't be quite honest and just to be able to go in so I would any of their program that I believe in front of our ranking and to carry you're already paying finalists drink rain they have at least at least find an hour right it. Does it list and I know I sound old on a time to be 41 year old said no women I'm not paying five bucks just to walk into a bar just to be in a bar as far as I could and it looked. Everywhere I look for a special rule withers the petting zoo. Some they. To make it too much of the but he. And I think. That and I got fired. That was just it was nothing new is just a bunch of people standing around drinking and and and and and dancing because it was a deejay but it wasn't like. Again it was like Scarlett was playing and the the DJ always opens up for Jason on the you don't talk about it intelligently meaning is if you through it and 99 years ago. It's very caring and 0871037. Do you pay it you just say well that's just the way it is very like no way man and a fine apart it does not charged recovered give him if you work for a bar. You're the nightclub additionally apartment awake but when I wake up player. I think about is this something that is is comment like this is just what we what is the five dollars for it obviously to make money but. At a house party in college again I'm dude broke his request a cup good enough dent is in he'd be getting my being old and or grumpy or both. But now I don't think it did at GO. TV target everybody I am Saturday hit a few that don't have seen lines that a lot I admit I about the company. And I get and bury Anna and I got ally everywhere else. The only thing the only reason for doing it is just because they can. Literally just didn't think that people pay and they wanna go everybody had a Mac but it. Why are charges. You don't want I don't want to that much. I've going now don't get me wrong I was you're needed the rest of the night because I would why paying five dollars and and the fact I was saying that may be more irritated like. He's like your dad but yeah all right good Denny thank you moral stories look like being naked in her free. Cody is it will play our things lawyer they Cody. I. Don't have that. Apparently we don't final her work so five dollar and I are covered just to get into the barge you pay it or do you think it's claim. All I wouldn't want a Qaeda. But. Also in many parts that I would enjoy it hey. They're not they're proud. That point on. It but dollar but apart I don't ocean. Well that it will don't do it don't know are prepared well. God you saw your ear cute cool and if it's like your. Exactly as you don't know what's but it didn't. In part due to bring a paper collect it. All again the only way to market hit a lot tiger. She did in Carlsbad patient and yeah Marty and did. What's your take five dollar cover charge just to get into the car. I'm sure they know what you ratting her out but I think it. And it back and maybe and. The first one was correct. On that right now that's like yeah. Always placed a bit like permeated the place it's called really spur each. I don't mind in the well that was the other thing yeah. We're getting hurt. I was also wondering whether all kind of how sorry. You asked.