What's In Tammy's Purse?

Wednesday, October 11th


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So this is a segment that Penney's come up with it's called what's into at least purse pull this happened on last Friday night am I went out for a girls' night. And so my friend Don looks mean she says you have some lotion with you and I'm looking and this person I'm Tina Diggins she's like are you kidding me you don't. Have any lotion and I was like oh my god I can't we ran everything by motion. In my purse may I step in and say Tammy spurs resembles not really a purse but more like a small piece of luggage. And I even joking and I thought we have a game called what's in Terry's person what we're gonna do is I'm in a blind fold giant and he's got our region to mop Hearst's. Pull something out describe it and then try to guess what it is and we'll see how many he can get right this is cool because guys don't like Digg and a women's purses we just don't would this not familiar to us there's no. Reward at the end of usually it's it's wholly true because even my husband I'll we've been married we can get a 23 errors this year. He was still won't go in my purse right now he's he's afraid of it sort of a sign that they're on record by saying I cannot see anything cocaine from Iraq this. This is off to I know exactly what this does this is soft you know keep your beverages cold was the Cancun is. Why it's really alarming I'll call him. You heard me of course you don't need a nice job. We love your beverages cold. In this is a small plastic container. This is dental floss. Nice though apple cart can cozy and dental floss can be additionally my mom she always says plus. Always always always hear it. OK well this yes this is a key as I want your car is key fob in the exact. Hard come on you've given me a challenger why I'm. You're a poet yeah this is not fit this is easy hand okay gotta describe it it's it's it's it's long and sweet lord it's long and it's it's on its coveted ticket tube shaped. It's squishy it's not is that it's kind of fervor squishy at the same time. I it's got again. It's again I think. Yeah. You give me thought I would have I would. I'm going to really hope and pray that right now holding a that you both zucchini or cucumber some sort this is not. Right I clearly did is he keen he. Thank god I. What it was zucchini your paper because. I forgot what. In her heard that. I don't have a blind man. I mixed drink can have a snack. Anyways I'll know lotion but no lotion nice job yeah and I stopped if you think I. I did worry about it. Up up up up up up up Watson jammies murders. Moon and customs and Kenya. Hello I am hooked up and yes I am happy to see you hope. I'll get that video plays its giving you an a sleeping mask looks very cute when it's this dynasty thing into a hot hot. From home.