What's Stuffed In John's Mouth - Super Bowl Edition

Friday, February 2nd


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And joining us now is our newest coworker Troy Troy it's nice to meet you I'm not nice to me you all to admit the mistake of saying he listens to the show so of course word podium to work. And now I get to blindfold you all right I like him and or strike calls Friday a couple of Troy. Can you confirm it to everybody that you cannot see anything. Yes I cannot see if they're alright awesome solar gonna do is that we're going to provide three different Super Bowl. Party foods that people who moshing on this Sunday what do you do for the Super Bowl. I haven't decided yet but maybe second out park or going to the hard rock or measures art downtown so we'll send you you have the children. I've no children are there we go up idea. All right somebody three foods jammed in my mouth and it described with the food is GU. You're job is very simple to guess what's stuffed in John's mouth perfect and they get you cannot see anything correct correct all right here we go. Will pick this thing hopes of irons are starting hole and a lot of it Aurora are far. Vocal movable. Whose fault movie called moon. Graham motion. Sought to death or an hour yeah oh yeah well I hear crime so it shifts and block all. I checked no longer than look. That's a tortilla should. Yeah I mean that's delightful. Our way trust very good generous job managed I think really the word out. And yeah. OK Josh no clues are all right what Sheldon John I'm leaving. Yeah. I. Local and long look at all. So this time his fastball and setup a crunch that's the smell coming to mind off sauce so peace it's got to zoom in Europe we will float off don't you believe we're going to war. It's warm but a good group vote bombs are going. You look at thank god at that. Pizza by Charlton who pulled her outlook. And do you call it call pockets who view the loop rock. Earlier talked about it's yeah. Miller shoot. She's a 00. In your mouth football. Let's not brags that joy do real well are you put this before haven't you I have not I'll go so well the other one. Cut. It is. I'll bet he's done deputy white blanket because. They got weighing. I think Jerry's ice chicken it's our right. I'm not sure even know what this is all about here I think I haven't heard ending is on well. Yes worth workers open. Okay thanks for your hands are so great for our hat on par. All. We'll promo and beautiful old faithful not terrorists. And golden rule I'm. I'm up Doug Dickey threw bull Tuesday vowed not to vote. What was include Lou. A more physical layer. What are pop pop later did love I chip well Bela. 300 million. They're a little note board won't look. Five yeah. What hardships they're our freedom scoops Lulu. Oh yeah makes up a lot of fun but don't buckle bull. Dodger your local.