What's That Sound - Who is Having a Baby???

Tuesday, February 20th


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So we are getting ready for another edition of what's that's. You guys are read it didn't do so well last time someone who performance. So I don't wanna say lots. All right are you ready you're going to. More more more more more more more more I know what that is the only guy who's gonna have a baby. Yeah baby home. It won't be home or maybe hundreds. That is the babies therapy is. And as well. Not a good. It's. Oh is that you can surprise your. It's going to be a surprise you free isn't how no it's just gonna come. I knew what. It hurt because I just I just can't tell where phrase. Casey was it like hello and I Atlanta beard that the current yeah. Here's the thing ever is videotaping and I was never like who's already got or I don't know. All that I really knows. Other subject we might have to talk about because there's a lot of people that know you guys accountable it's. My good. Why don't you don't I'm. Perhaps with everybody's ability to keep that to you and Sean. He's really good to go out of breath but nothing about that lesson that you. I tell these days. People I do have a budget just go so it's sweet she's like okay I am I think TM he's picked up on it. And that she told me because we get this pledged that just that he's oblivious. Yeah I pick up and I get in total. I was talking about how great you were big kid yeah. Process had been good morning sickness is a you know Mars coming in a couple times and ultimately there has been not feeling well yeah well. Are you I am mad twelve weeks all. Well let it fall I got to tell her story is my due dates quite critical into labor on Labor Day which I'm kind of excited about the hole out they have to do that our show. Labor OK okay right gets sent to everything. They'll never give young and the ears could do that hot I shouldn't we get it recorded I'll have that you know button ready all the dollars and the rain the media are intriguing is your read time. When it was not pregnant in his duty and if you wanted to get pregnant coming out with yeah.