What's That Sound - February 16th, 2018

Friday, February 16th


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Now Jonbenet and associate producer Jessica Stefan and I were recently together. And something happened around us that we said we had to record it. For a game of what's that sounds. Hello hey why. We're gonna play it for you guys. And we want you or I guess I'll what you think is stepping I've been together a lot in the last two weeks and this just happened. And we thought this has got to be the game it totally fits. OK aren't okay all right so listen up. Two what's that sound. I am. Okay played again really I'm. Good. Let it play there again is what. It all ended so I am. The first thing I thought of was someone making noises in their sleep but did listen to what background noise for somebody to be asleep. Is al-Qaeda threat against certain. Yes there. Petty David Stell sleeping. And I talking in her sleep and whistles it's usually me. I actually sounds to me like you're when your car horn got sick. Okay yeah yeah. Yeah I. I went and did a start him once a year ago and big area. Okay this is pretty common guest on and go there anyway. I think. This is a seventy year old pushing a barrel OPEC. Should they were letting average. I'm. I don't do with the man. Isn't the case is an animal says it is an animal it is an animal cool the another seven year old girl and not Stella eating in her sleep for half and. Military mom. I had. What an animal is yes. Is it a pig. It is not a or. Is it duck bill Plante listened to. I got there at AM. And play again I am. Didn't know pac. That you will be. Yeah me all of them anyways etiquette or. She's like well then go Lebanon indignant and wild. Not how. I'm not a friendly Condoleezza. Bad finishes the normal you know you know if it does is what we're not only my little noises and there's a little longer pauses in between we edited down just for this game but I don't know me I don't know all courses don't. I only got into this story line there receivers and so pretty oh my god their eyes. It's wonderful zoo together. When we were in Ramona because there was a patty is yeah. It. Yeah exactly is this fascinated with that they'll probably been around here. Yeah. I hear a little differently don't yeah.