What's That Sound - August 20th, 2018

Monday, August 20th


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Let's do this. Signing a laugh a lot. Okay all right so. I recorded. Myself over the weekend of doing something I'd like you tell me what's this sound in what what I doing while the sound was actually it's kind of the same thing the sound is what I was doing okay. Check it out once the sun. Okay. We're. The book boom okay your day a landing your giggle and it. Some things out but obviously though does bush yeah. Call. It's. We're really friendly. Marble ball about what yeah. Orient we are scratching niche. I kind of want to thank you very accurate kind of that was me sitting in a massage chair. You need that noise all sitting in the recital where god it was okay. It's. Okay. Along hearing your world hears you and I. I want. I'd. Did. How current tournament. Don he does have a baby so here's the deal. I had. To take my dog I bought my daughter our car over the summer she told Bloomberg told a story capsule moralists are I had the driver to college of what's in the plan and I didn't have a lifetime to do I just got back from vacation on Wednesday. Thursday. We worked really Kristi potential Friday and back in the car and not aim and plus power will start with traffic up and Sonoma State. And I didn't want to I wanted yesterday to be my. Relaxed day and so I purposely drove back to the very next day rain so I am in the it's a coal is close look at stopping area. Attracts the gap but it's it's a hole is a whole deal now it's like different kinds it's in the back California. Right when you get out of that horrible stretch of the five horses like. Well I don't know but part of something they prepare because they're on the roads there showers there's all showers there's a movie theater there are showing is certain that rock that Rampage movie which I can't escape from lately. At different kinds of restaurants and right there smack dab in the middle. Of this beautiful establishment which really nice some. When he's the son shares. Now these were hard call war massage shall we heard via writes I Natalia she acts to baby. It's. Been. The go towards the lower back do you feel actually now massaging my back it was really an intense. Hard court and here's the I was really in the tail and I have probably about at that point. Still three hours ago bread and the car for a six year and that's on top of the nine plus I did the day before I really needed something. To to. Help me on wine into yet be recharged. And is said right there on the shares are down to recharge so I did and I wasn't ready phone calls courses opera I. I've spent on. About a six a six minute massage that was that was two dollars. Aurora. Okay. And it's. Dawn on me that this is in the middle of the best the trucks to lecture anybody I'm sure a lot of people walked by the use the bathroom and heard me and saw me I didn't care. As proud as my witness I just didn't even care I was sprawled out that your eyes closed. Okay. I had the melodious song does sounds of Sheryl Crow in the background. In Gaza Baskin Robbins afterwards or can I treated myself afterwards in on time. Follow me the you enjoy that.