What's The Most Bizarre And Vivid Dream You've Ever Had?

Friday, July 13th


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Yesterday morning I was mentioning that Leann Rimes song triggered my memory that I had this very vivid dream of about Leann Rimes. And it we started talking about some of the strange and give bid in. Bizarre dreams that we've had and I was doing a little research here and it's according to this. Men and women dream differently it says that men mostly dream of other men. Not a romantic way just that they're doing things with other guys all the time that there are always with. Typically with other men are where women dream of both men and women equally. And scientists claim that we only dream about people we know that if we see a face in a dream is a face we have seen somewhere we don't make them up. So it doesn't really necessarily know them and weapons at least on TV every face in Beijing has is one you've seen only advice I mean not crab well okay not grown up now is a face we have seen we may not know them but we've seen that face so. Maybe if you're like I don't even know who this person was. Could have been somebody or passing on your way to the bakery never realized you saw that yeah exactly exactly it's funny you bring up dreams because I was talking dreams with our producer jazz who is eight months pregnant now. Essentially we don't want it to happen but essentially you can go and any time. So I'm wondering with all the hormones in the in the in the the needle drug used to think inhaled drugs that oh the first prenatal vitamins and obstacles are drugs. Prenatal goof balls Il today Kelly I got him OK okay so I mean that trip that that make the hormones crazy that make your dreams. Yeah vivid are having in these are vivid. In different colors different scenarios that you never would have. To the point where I aim. They'd make me so upset that I can't get back to sleep in everything he's having nightmares they're not nightmares they're just some really upsetting I have one emanate. That my boyfriend and I broke up and he was like saying the meanest deserves to me I'll sure let you know that I have at all yeah I don't know why that happened it was John you're sick that day. But just was talking about their last baby class they did together and just was worried she was gonna say such mean things to (%expletive) That she actually sent him do you want a bikini to the abbey in the delivery room. Well I have the baby is she so afraid she's gonna say something mean I think that's why have batch regret stressed it was so upsetting that I actually woke him up in an element to communities like cut me for a little bit because I'm so upset from the extreme ideas that yeah. Like what is going on it I think. A if you like them back in a loser. I had a dream that I could get actually that alligators are attacking me and chased me up which. Eat the very vivid very bit more so than if you were pregnant when you say yeah. My friend Katie is also pregnant she's also with her eight month and she says she's she's having. Dud bizarre if you will dream is about people that are her boss at work in people that she's not even at all. Attracted to and yet she's having dreams. That game. She's having sex dreams about well you're saying right well that makes sense the hormones flying through a body absolutely common as well under. Absolutely real Alia illusions but they can. What is your John's island and Gorelick no I did not what is the most. Vivid bizarre dream that you have ever had that when you woke up you're like what was that 8332871037. It's one of those dream is that whether it's recurring Norwich is still bright and vivid in your head that you remember every. Aspect of it yet as opposed to a great dream that you had ten minutes ago that you can't exactly that we always I don't exactly so real. Like I did I woke up I pledged my husband so hot. I'm like the source told me. Like. A. Boy. Turning up between me right now we just a boyfriend in Jamie's husband right. Anal is getting any sleep 8332871037. What is the most bizarre and vivid dream you've ever had I I once dreamt that I was in. Miss sexuality contest with Joan Collins. How how old is she like it or seven these. She even I guess she's alive her sister Taipei. Jacqui that writer she died. But he has not bizarre we are standing with big splashes across and then I realized that we didn't impose on it was very bizarre. Very weird very odd. She took. Why don't calls for the rest or electorally. That's who had its roots who. Watched. Phone call and I doubt that one. If I had a nickel and Joan Collins and his sexuality that does not this sexuality. It. Aren't known and rarely usually not the I was freaked out as we Renee and Mike what do we have any clue on where we just wearing it and I can ask Don. Appointment is there with sexuality contests. UK just. In our poll numbers a 332871037. Please easing corn idol Lindsay what is the most vivid weird dream you've. Ever had all at how pregnant what might are there. Her dream that I can't alleviate I buy it. One and I had an average adult or anchor at eight. And I actually got into ecstatic I need an out completely you please call Bonnie at all. That's. Yet and that. It may very scary it directly I can't edit on Leo when they patent. And Mary about it. A there. Try to add that it wasn't our Lindsey thanks limousine and Christian is in law it Christen sheriff closely your most. Did did that dream. I had a great game but I'm here now. I land in the part of many out and I was going to play again Saturday night Alley and I think. It. Airs and I a couple of other work but. Like our income went oh really. My hat you can't expect you click that. Not this big really. What. Are and bridled at every. Big men. Like that kind. Hot. College. Did you say tossed brightly colored sheep. Like cat. Got here I think I'll meet these. We eat and he or she. I think the IIT. I can pick up the the big deal went right. Now while that's a bizarre dream and vivid I don't have much Kristen don't. Let's go to Julie in San Marcos Julie what's the most vivid bizarre dream you've had. Now every time I have a DREAM Act that I'm pregnant and one of my closest friends is actually pregnant. And it happened every single pack yeah it could be either bury it and where I go to the whole pregnancy an entire night. Or it shows that breathe yeah well I'm pregnant and then. I wake up out how I got out of economic argument pregnant I don't handle things right and tonight on regulators somebody I now closed Jimmie and pregnant. You are the pregnancy whisper when's the last time you have that dream. In Atlanta three months ago and my. I've got that he played hockey and they just get out. One and act on hockey team they just not that they're expecting baby number two like last week so I don't we didn't. Is heard that's wild. You bet let's go to Glen and Imperial Beach hey Glen what's your most vivid dream. My mom didn't really look in 2006. Before and found out pardoning I went to bed. And I'm score aren't normal looking at the foot in my bed. We'll see you thank your name you're gonna have a girl. Her name on terror loads of Britney is going to be July 31. And time you're gonna have heard that he sells everything came true except for the I'm. Not grandma couldn't get their average. Are greatly. App and all three of your children. Three separate I'm sure Graham was appear -- told you the exact gays are gonna be born in and what their names are gonna be. While all three talk us all. Holy crap. Did you get ahead and you're done okay. You grimaced and finally get some rest over here. That's awesome that's really bizarre end.