What's In John's Mouth - Favorite Thanksgiving Sides

Tuesday, November 14th


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John and Jimmy in the morning about to jump into a game that really feels my father full price for putt putt putt. It's a great. Our dual warmer than we originally thought we're gonna highs in the seventies today see you're ready and I guess I am not a problem this one. Source and Diego's class seats radio audience. Thank god now and yeah. Like stuff. Jon Huntsman. And hello FaceBook while I welcome the white stuff in Johns miles per say good morning to Amanda works in our office good morning Amanda good morning this might be the most proposal part of your day and it's just started so welcome to it bluntly today it's what stuffed in John's mouth the Thanksgiving side dish addition Iowa came across an interesting article. Listing of the top side dishes for Thanksgiving depending on which state you live then. Collaborative regional food is very important Fisher for example of lived in taxes than you might be familiar with a very popular Thanksgiving side dish of chicken spaghetti ring you know. It is different everywhere if you go to Montana. The State's most popular side dish. Roasted vegetables sold my reminder don't go to Montana for Thanksgiving anyway and and Wisconsin everything is always a brat if he can have salads always recollection that's not accurate. I'm accurate I try to refining however. I do have three foods and try enemy that you can't pilot to blindfold on thank you very much. Would you please confirm that you cannot see anything once a blindfold is not. Okay I'm gonna jammed food in my mouth depending on the most popular Thanksgiving side dish is a bad foods the state you gonna tell me what food I'm jamming in my mouth what's stopped. In John's mouth now FaceBook live. You can go ahead and see the most popular dish. And we're a star with the most popular side dish in California both OK and a prominent imagery and the mouse movement at any vehicle right now I have no problem eating at all. O'clock in the world wolf woeful Lou I. Underwood didn't. I'm removal or food perfect I got a little while it's a both solar and Doug our own version of this food aren't screaming gravy boat. Mean nothing I can't pop pop. Pop pop pop up I. Think we're gonna. A Mac and she's Mac and she that is he's apparently California's most popular Thanksgiving side dish. Welcome Yani can we couldn't hear me when I was doing OK let's go out of to have Wisconsin's. Wisconsin the peso alive you can see what this most popular side this is. And it's not a bribe to amend an engineer and you demise of these in my mind and you tell me when I've stopped. Aka. And if you think he's softening. Well blue glow. On offense. What crops and of itself let's. Loved I felt that that okay it. Edge of the outlive crow opens over a blend of your health. And you miss Josh nice job doesn't include a very good clue are ranked. Hard as they shellfish with moments of. I give her seat by your saying your selfish me well and I. So what's up and John's mouth this is the most popular Thanksgiving side dish in the state of Michigan. You've been to Michigan. What a fabulous place to visit but this surprised me OK okay. Again. And then posting Michelle and good or wore them on what. Why wouldn't Bob Newton being chilly. And I'm sure that the area man ever plane was stopped and you're on my towel and give us news and you get to eat the rest that he doesn't match up I'm glad I'm. Where are nice job now you know like my dad is Oprah and get up up up to Thanksgiving side dish addition. Of one John Malone I think.