What's Going On - October 4th, 2017

Wednesday, October 4th

Another crazy lottery win and details on how Ashford University is helping military spouses. 


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Well. Me and great affording his wife was Nagin Megan Megan stopped final scratch off lottery tickets. He is so scared she's gonna fire the heated former he went to the bathroom to scratch off to that he bought. Guess what one was a million dollar winner come unglued in dollars. He's eighty came out and he said I'm never gonna all ran like a Tommy I'm never gonna end. You're never gonna win some McCain which match. I know. That Malkin jamming all your lottery scratch out yeah exactly exactly so super cute superstore PDAs it is a security in their. These other goodies for retirement which is great also I want to. Mentioned this before a National Anthem right here. For the eighth consecutive year Ashford University is offering five homefront heroes scholarships. To military spouses right here in San Diego so you can use the full tuition scholarship for either or associate or bachelor's degree at Ashford University. So appear military spouse and your interest in applying for this scholarship he just need to submit to short essays about your education in your career goals. And their accepted through November 5. Ashford dot edu slash homefront heroes all right it's all about heroes. Let's honor those who serve with honor the first responders who still right now are cleaning up. After the horror in Las Vegas this is Josh turner are National Anthem will never forget I can't someone. Who. Steelers.