What's Going On - October 23rd, 2017

Monday, October 23rd

If you were at the Route 91 Harvest Festival and looking to heal after tragic events in Las Vegas, we have some information on how you get help. 


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It's going to be very warm today is a hot dry windy. Nineties one hundreds were also under a red flag warning through Wednesday at 6 PM and that combination and the wind. ST Jeannie maybe shutting off some power in some places of that wind is a factor if there were that'll cause enough for pound power lines to spark. Such as keeping in mind a lot of schools course took the day after they because of that. Today president trump is gonna be awarding a medal of honor to Vietnam commando for valor in allow us. His name is Gary Rowe is he was a Vietnam medic. And during the days of fighting for survival in the jungles of allows heat. Doled out doses of morphine to keep the walking wounded moving to avoid capture he saved dozens of lives by risking his own hobbling around on one foot. With a hole blown through it so yeah he gets. The medal of valor today I think that's wonderful it's a long overdue absolutely absolutely. Also want to tell about this we've talked about it briefly but theory is a support group that's open to all attendees. Of the route 91 harvest festival or loved ones of people who were there and having difficulties re leading to that event. It happens ads. In cahoots every Monday OK from 63830. In its. She is he trained clinical psychologist Shiva who who holds this. And if this is something that you're still dealing with this is a great thing treated ten on Mondays at in cahoots by the way she was aired during the shooting she the was as well. Cancer she totally understand that she's there to help you out. Also real quickly the new movie thank you for your service said AMC theaters. This Thursday is giving free tickets to veterans and active duty military and cool I'm up to 101000 is what they're gonna pay for. So what they want you to do is called AMC theater to find out of its participating. On N a free ticket will be given to the first 25 service members who show valid military ID at the theater on Thursday we my children's nationwide on Friday. In miles tellers and that on who is also all the debris which I saw this weekend so he's got is he's got the firefighters covered. A two people Louis possibly think this morning also remind you really quickly president trump is planning to release the final set of documents on the Kennedy assassination. Into this Thursday it's it's. Possibly. History changing documents possibly. It's fascinating nevertheless after 8 o'clock eight tend to be specific. Daley's father who spent his entire career in radio as a politician arms are as a political news. Reporter is going to be joining us to see what his take is and what he thinks we're gonna learn on Thursday. It could change history as we know 810 we'll have that conversation. But in the meantime let's honor our firefighters let's honor those who serve with our National Anthem this is Trisha Yearwood on KS on.