What's On Dustin Lynch's Mind?

Friday, May 25th


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Yesterday at this time we had an interview with him we retired again this morning at 640 seed get another opportunity. T know the answers to these questions and just in case you still didn't get the opportunity perhaps you can be mind reader can I answer the question Israel. Tesla society is aha plant operator I could cut its underestimates his mind. I don't get it because casual Hoya hike him up a good morning Mary I'm well Kim can you refer bucket list vacation you could possibly win right now. No idea right and I'm telling I want to rise taking. And shaking and are there really are always get these three questions right base in the dust lynch interview and you will be going on that now we have to the next person in line okay. Okay okay and number one we asked us a lynch what is all time favorite movie was and yet no matter when it's on he will always watching what was his answer. Pour it down is of Forrest Gump Dustin. Without a doubt or go yeah. Yeah and you know I am married Kim. Doesn't it. Desolate celebrating his birthday a week. I asked ozolinsh about a birthday dinner he specifically mentioned something. That he was not only loved him for his Brittany was going to eat after the in your view what was that. That was going to be an ice cream cake from dairy queen an agency that he hadn't ups like a refrigerator does. What's going now as you tell hang on but the one thing on was a but I think they're they're equally so. About half are nicely diluted accepted just ice cream cake is that correct on our rights don't know I'm not address that I think it does I think it extricate from day it was OK let you do you do above and beyond receiving at this one right are right now we'd as the top form we asked Dustin lynch. Who prefer to marry date or dump them on the spot that the following actresses Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence. Olivia month according to Dustin lynch of those three who do you pick to marry who we pick a date who do you pick to dump. He's gonna marry a Libyan man. He's going to dumped Jennifer Lawrence and he's going to date Emma Stone. Dustin lynch. Is Kim going to see you in Nashville. The only guy very Olivia mark. I'm not being in. Jennifer Lawrence and get a date of this stuff. Okay interesting. A little purple area how the media I think I had answers and. Come. Transcript of honey that was so good this. I'd I'd like to know gestured at good girl jam up on. Tim would you please tell you what she's just one Kim Yu Ling who did have round trip airfare for Internet well. You are gonna spent five nights in a hotel. We're gonna hear your ground transportation while you're national you know you get to the four days CMA music festival. And take a brat you masses to HDTV lies deceit and meet Dustin lynch. It. You miss just happen that way you earn this red wheat we want now got six of the people who are behind you in the full. And did not. But can the good news and give them all your phone number that because you've got when I go with you are the meantime congratulations you won that book is true. Paint and you'd set listen to our show and took notes and you answered those questions. And they were not used. You're going to shaking public comment like Atlanta go to outspoken. Unbelievable bank of. All tiny little bit about the right to sue a feel good about this all right keep anti I was sure more excited this and work out that I. You're awesome have a great weekend you'll now. They can listen to John Jimmie won 37 KS ON.