What Will We Find in the JFK Files?

Monday, October 23rd


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One way to find out Thursday. When president trump orders the classified JFK documents to be released to the public wanted to find out. Did Oswald act alone was there a second 'cause mentally gunmen order is it just nothing. It's fascinating you talk well were all still just so involved in the Kennedy stories. And I Terry's dad who's a political reporter up until recently spent his entire life walking the beat Madison at the capitol. You'll politics eases these are in the country on him. He's an expert if we ever knew won an easy give his head two cents. Involving what's gonna happen on Thursday when president trump releases is classified JFK documents. I don't know why but I always get nervous. When we welcome your father to loosen up up up up up at LSU I have to give my best behavior I have to speak softly and slowly and intelligently which is. Kelly good. You know if there ago. And try effect on difficulty forming. And. Good morning and and John. By all accounts you were Borger. I was your right out of that group and all. We wanted to chat with you a little bit since your entire. Career has been in news and politics. On what you're taking is about to JFK files being released. Boy I sure hope that they are. Released at what somebody you know gets in the way and there's still a possibility that they might not. At least on -- Thursday a summary of the National Security Agency. Or those some law enforcement officials. This again and should. Held out hope that doesn't happen apparently does the president want to release these and yet but I hope that happens. In your opinion after all this time why would somebody stepped in and say no no no no no we're not gonna release this. Well because there's that there's information and there that they had to be damaging to believe that reputation perhaps provoke. Of all alone an icon of American politics. All of you who is such as you know poppy Kennedy perhaps perhaps perhaps John F. Kennedy himself. Perhaps with the Johnson. All or or perhaps there's damaging evidence about that the CIA or about other agencies and Balkans this. However I I was thirteen years old when the when this assassination occurred. I remember it vividly as does everybody who was who was so wide at that time and are open age. All I remember the Warren commission. Investigated. Immediately afterwards and they came all the report does something like eleven months later saying it was a lone gunman we hardly possible. About it by data that kind told me is you know it's going to be years and years and years and years and years before or anybody knows the real truth. And I suspect will probably never know even though this information released you know I don't think we'll ever know anything new. So law. On mod I'm hoping there's there's new information that might give some more overall labor to what happened some more some more insight into what happened but. I don't think it's gonna change the narrative. What happened that day in Dallas and the days leading up to what perhaps the year we lead to a that it wouldn't. I was seen Johnny Timmy because you believe what they're really going to release to us the American public. That these are the real files give us some files it's a much heading up right half of the bill triggered course you know on. It did not match pretty cynical you are you sure didn't. We're not understood. Rory. They'll like east I think. Eight the question now what happens with these files or release him right are really residents. Because that's exactly what they lost the puck because why would they keep it under wraps yeah. But realized that a lot of this. The best that vast majority of this has been already previously really relate this group like 1%. That we don't know that we know nothing about. That hasn't been and that's what's good my understanding that what's going to be released now this could be very very crucial because. You know 1% of the you know. Myriad volume is a lot of information rights. In what would keep that what would make them you know hold onto it hard for all this time in and not want it released. Did there's got to be something in there they want the public to know. Yeah yeah ot and and geez your guess is as good as mine but again I would say that that piece merging it with the agency CIA. Armed and talked about their possible involvement or you know huge cover up or is it possible evolve I'd I don't know that that took that real strange. Or damn that it it's yeah yeah impugn the reputation as some people who we have held in high esteem and I don't. Well I wasn't curious about what's gonna be released I sure am. So now you're you're your whole career has been in this business and it's just what's your gut say. All of my gut says that that there are gonna eat it all of this information is released there are still going to be. You know many many questions but he's going to be answered nothing you know there ago going to be people making money off. You conspiracy theory books and whatever but not it is really going to change. And as we all know the only person knows the truth is Nicolas Cage at the end of the movie national drug. Bill. Does it has the right and he ought to write my. Funeral today. Frankly I. All right big job has been and really insightful conversation thank you for doing this and I would order the bumpers or crap while meant when that happens to now known secret super excited and I don't know we'll think.