What Was Your Favorite Summer Job?

Wednesday, June 20th


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You've heard stories about parents that are jealous of their children and John I've come else of my daughter you are my daughter Abby is in the summer of horror. Freshman to sophomore year of college to change the awkwardness. The unknown and is a freshman here is done right now she gets chill for cup must have for you is back where everything's familiar if she's not the new girl race got to release that she picked out there or assigned her this is the actual real fun via the year of college. But before that she has to get herself the world's best summer job you know my daughter's two in the summer when she knows she is teaching kids to paddle board I'll add a paddle board camp I'll bet. And for all San Diego is that right this is the girl is seven years ago. Do you dip. Have ruined my life I'd hate. America sucks now she's basically a postcard for San Diego is definitely she's teaching kids and she's a oh dad I tumors they got some windows because shut up. I mean do from the yet from most. A clerical life in my staff meeting at 833 U 871037. What was your old about what was your favorite summer job lakeside Jan is where. Weeks that is a pop up on our. That wakes I was trying to all time favorite summer job. Well I actually got to do that hosting a birthday party. At a McDonald's truck drive. They still have that job position and I don't really remember. What would be huge for birthday parties and they had specific designated birthday people clearly you were one of that Japan. You know the secret behind McDonald's is special orange drink. Can you confirm or deny that there is a special chemical in Orange drink that make you crave McDonald's Fries. Oh okay. I could. While it is shocking revelation it's actually perhaps. Breaking news why did you might. Go what do you love so much about it Jian besides the fact you got to be in McDonald's which is cool when you're younger right. Look a little kid because they had no idea what behind the scenes look like and we got taken behind the grill until about him making hamburgers and all want reg and then we haven't taken up or let him take him. Product bakery prior to the birthday party. Edit never failed no matter how and you get a kick out when you look at third of the carpet ready it would still broad. There you go hmm I wonder I can't imagine McDonald's is pretty partisan that you know and they're certainly just insurance reasons they would not be taking kids back I can grow either candidate 8332871037. What was your favorite. Summer job it was your favorite summer job I remember I got to sit and think about it for awhile I don't know I had so many different jobs is a teenager. I don't know I have to think about mine was the summer or Iowa is during the day. I mowed lawns for the city of Apple Valley which doesn't sound good job it was great because they'll only have to bring big tractor. Listen to the radio into Minnesota Twins in the on the radio and -- when I realized I wanted to be radio hosts kind of formed my future at night I was a waiter at the super cool restaurant which had. Many how shall I say. Attractive people that work there as well so that was the sun ten during the dale is party with my weight staff Pete friends that night it was. A great time to be alive and as a young person that was my favorite summer job under its summer. When I was younger public you Karine a best summer job of all time. World outlaw. Hated injured there's a college student what happened. Yes I did it was going to Flagstaff area like that and thank you. And hospitality my bachelor's degree that you got to do that college program out Walt Disney World. I got to work in tomorrow and. In the magic kingdom and the elation at that that experience Patrick they're the best part about it let me. Lived in. That department how why you know Whitney yeah and you had eight other people and that's how they deal but that people from all. Over the were gonna comply and all. Let me go a little I had people from Australia. And Germany. So we're learning about then they're learning about view it was awesome at. All. What a perfect summer job due to my cousins and that one they used to work here our intern wreck from from people were to Disney World not into the same thing you're doing Credo mobile have careers at Disney world's super cool awesome. Deanna what was your favorite summer job. I actually get got to about two weeks ago I or he can't run on the bank. And be good luck people its our ability to locate her all day. You don't it. DL I've been wanting to go to camp went on the bay for so long I had actually two years ago we had reservations ago there and then there was a failure should we had to cancel I was so bombed. He's everybody tells me is one of the funniest places to go in San Diego and are being. It's all about apparently a ticket time we got to be so we have probable. Anything if you wanna regularly got. PR I listen outgoing. And us which is great yet again wouldn't you guys are all caught on our great our people complain right of that room. And I'm aware that finest is not a real word but it's still on east and he's funny as I did. So quickly it was real or not waiting for you to say and it's fun more fun I was with hoses with open the top love talking about this it was a fun this title my life. It was a fun this is award.