What Was Your Favorite Part of the CMAs?

Thursday, November 9th


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All right our phone number 61957. On number 1973. We'd love to hear your reaction to last night's CMA awards many people are talking about oh my god Garth Brooks lip sync dwelling do hadn't really. Really exhausted vocal chords and that I want to have good performance I'm not gonna do one of Matheson live that was his excuse anyone the entertainer of the year award so I think he's doing just the right. The performances summer great sum it. My opinion. I loved the opening I loved your church singing amazing grace we'll have a little bit later on their loved. Then. Darius Rucker coming out and doing hold my hand to hold the whole. Viva the room was very loving and peaceful and lets Casey together as a family. And that started out when he did hold my hand promoting the blowfish their massive hit and then I almost everybody in the industry came on saying within it was really cool to see. Actually. 619570. Number 1973. Tell me what your fear parts of the CMA awards were last nights like did you watch it's. Oh my god there weren't so many yeah. I think yeah and the Troy gentry. Trivial that it wrap up flat and Eric Bentley didn't let Lilly actually I love about art. Odds again I was watching that and I ate watched her accidentally take the stage then Dan. I didn't realize at first that he was singing might via wizard he's only got leasing Allentown is attributed tournament at a Troy gentry. And police are showing pictures of Troy. And I just lost it I cried and it sounded wonderful together and I did it it was he was Dirksen was Rascal Flatts and I'm just. I get myself together and I gave myself composed. Allison and Montgomery comes out to his microphone world. And I lost it all over again. More guys. I mean I feel so bad for him and choice when it was there and it was just so touching and trade daughter that was there as well as. I guess I do next to the mom maybe it was I don't know because she always one to go with her dad is what I read in this is going to be the year. Is that are wow I didn't read them. It was it was and then them and I was still attribute some. Not a tribute to Don Williams right they did talk. But I can also tell us the time it was great it was wonderful it was it was so some cryptic cynic I'm reasonably well. People realize or remember that music bull their old. Open their feet dancing singing along and talk to you Donna Williams is a classic everybody tells us until September north little. Sounds. Little big town's tribute to Glen Campbell was you marvelous as well who who. Answers with a still actually scale of one to ten what would you rate last night's CMA broadcast. I love that I would say at ten per share. Think I handle or so funny and I did what I electable then I don't know that they apparently. To register and I will say this I had one eye open. When I hear anybody entertainer and airmen Canada's. And literally when he said this year would your mine or yours forever we'll always have each other that I was gonna.