What Was The Weirdest Thing That Was Ever Said To You On A Date?

Monday, August 20th


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So Jesse married now happily married woman about to give birth to your first child but what happens if Jeff goes ID with you your your your husband announced the museum husband I now is it weird to hear husband. I can't say it I'm having a hard time and look at. Or pay off of a problem your heart and you're here you're cupcake anyway I'm. What you isn't like I've got eighteen different kinds of beef Stew in my govern without him we urge you would you expect. And that's that might make US for a sec or they've got Ayodhya like. I just. Do I want this mayor is just a bit he can decide you don't really weird did you out he does seem very compatible why I'm asking you seem very you know. But he really together very well. Yet there's a couple things that we discovered as we've gone on our relationship. He told me that up I would imminent at a particular deal breaker US share wanders into personal. Yeah. I have a very good except 1037. Just what's the weirdest thing if someone said do you wanna did you dozens Imperial Beach. That the girl had they they're very confident. Eight sister cousin. Yeah it hurt at. All enjoyed their are there and it cannot Amman that our earth where. I hang hang out and got Timmy explained this and add them getting panic from this was soul of that data had an affair with a moms sisters so. The dad so his half sister was your dad and then cousin because of the mom pose that come up on the first of Great Britain Canada that matter so what capital was the outcome of that. Date went well and now she's my life. A while are there you go worked. Apparently quite the line. I still don't know how they came up yeah I don't know what brought in would you wanna see washer or is it will be sister cousin yeah. I didn't have a sister cousin that intuitive and I have to tell you real quickly because I can try to relate to this because. My first marriage my sister and I married twin Brothers. So. My sister was also my sister in law and my husband was also my brother in law a. And how are we honors are won or my first born and hurt our are and for sport are double cousins. So you and your sister married twin Brothers yes. It was a dual ceremony at. Only god. Yeah our church at two vials in their grandfather was minister meet at this interest now this your first merit and is now aren't so. Again you Mary. Were that much anyway. So far so floor for how long you Mary for what 567 the media are so for that long you had a brother in law slash husband to. In his sister's slash sister in law yet. What happens if he you're out rates and no I'm now and behaving like they can use it as such I don't think I gotta tell you about my eyes my in laws. NetSuite outrage. Yet exactly that is interesting to Anaheim and know that about you at a mentally I knew that you were married. And your husband had a brought your ex husband a brother I didn't know that. Yoga Mary or sleet and that's greens. 8332871037. Passed it did you marry family. I. Like the week. Kind of gotten of that but the weirdest thing you've heard on a date decree is totally it strangest they are biased. That's bizarre I live in a deal breaker right subliminal just went with Paula jet engines now. 08332871037. Lauren isn't Carlsbad Laura what's the strangest weirdest thing you've her wide date. I heard today with this guy one time from ten under and eat your double and what. I. I don't see why am I you would like to know I hear you are out. And foot guy you wouldn't have an off and on about why this is the number one. The end you know what is something that I find it funny that you're like the first thing that your mouth was I know my feet are fat do we have an. I. We weren't really sure what he likes to see it I go at it like. It. Although really that's when you see you have. Ex customer and we have sausage chose. Listen I. I happen to enjoy feet not a weird like what you eighteen very shoes way but I don't think that's a first date conversation I think that that's something legacy. Tell me something about you that I might not know like the number four or five wouldn't should they. Self but did it and like what you wouldn't there are people who are. No clearly he had a pump out serious cash you have that many try to make you feel better bottom 'cause the first thing out of your mouth is he thought they were red ID BU legs Gonzales bestowed upon. I know it was our second day. Million unit market regularly take care that they are right let's go to Vista on pay zero value Dylan. Well good cirrus share with those strangest thing someone says do you wanna dates. Right now all I found out cold or hot team that got me. Are they a year and a. It's kind of cool right that's it but we're gonna cool school. Well now did it did it actually works for awhile because sometimes they say it's almost too much like you it it doesn't work. I I ain't got hurt it hurt him like it went up plane and go. Oh I got up by. Yeah yeah and extending an image your twin might kind of athlete you know federal law on the I'll passion he had that they are all take our. All right Gary's in San Marcos Geary the strangest things he found out on a day it was someone. Well she told me that Serb children pregnant by another guy during the little debates. Well it's all just for the odd thing about that one should set me up on a date it was her brother. And a brother actually worked for me and you're telling me where and I girl she worked and how. She was really going to be a perfect person for me the sport could kick. Back and yeah he had no idea that you. I have to I have nice person and others say she was not asked as she could have hidden that for a little bit and you could have been on the hook. Oh well at a pet day went well. No I I kind of went pretty quickly or things theory. That they get to Jordan is in north park Jordan which you got tourists well. Call eight out of her you couldn not seek. I lacked payment there we like golf pain which you haven't thought about Kirk I. And Brett a cult or had it right EU I didn't write it like that out in the air and I think at VA. Because your German your date asked if you were a Nazi sort of value being more on its proper. What. Mile in his Italians on the mafia exactly. But now where did he have any idea clearly he must not of how offensive those cells ignorant that's our homes. I know. They're calling me at the Bentley and would tell weirder. All right over and done their ego yeah I think that's good as you like this who would you not see yourself included a. Got a guy making that it. What that means to consult our our. Gordon didn't and it feels heavier right now and popped up. You are Smart regulate and enjoyed the back here giveaways at a pop pop pop up. This guy couldn later.