What Was The Awkward R-Rated Movie You Watched With Your Parents?

Wednesday, May 23rd


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Time or a recent times that you're watching a movie with your children who work. Now all of age to pretty much what any movie in it you were horrified by what you were seeing a gain or it when you are the first to watch that with your parents. What we're I think that's the worst actually I have. I think my daughter on with us right now which you'll talk about this I'm going to though and that's in my dollar Pavel have years of therapy someday well the giants game in the morning our phone number 8332871037. And a 137 KSO and and we do have some clouds but you should get some clearing more so at the coast today which is good news. Look for highs in the sixties to mid seventies as any father of 819 and a seventeen year old daughter can tell you it's very it's wonderful. But it's also very. Emotional to watch your daughters become a young women because they're never young women they're always you'll babies right. So my daughter Abby who's now nineteen years old and were waiting to becoming college sophomore now. She tore my apartment over the weekend and it's beasts decide to watch a movie to get to see suggests of the movie. Captain fantastic and it's a rated. Now she's nineteen years old now two years and being able to write rate and yet and I you know sees a young woman who can do everything. If she wants you in college and and and why and and an egg against the captain pantex is a marvelous movie. About. Very idealistic father who raises kids in the woods there's no electricity. No modern Dade luxuries of any kind of brilliant children their very. Well rounded but they're just different because they're not raised in today's society that said he'd been giving a pretty safe movie. With the exception of a couple F bombs which there were which I guess I can handle. But I was not prepared for big mortenson the kimono all of his glory in one scene which was eight hours long it seems and a. A countdown just. But there's a big joke. Legal mores is handsome man anyway popping out there with a with a combat wrong choice of words walking out with a with a cup of coffee and is it in his hand and and and that's it. And I'm like lower tomorrow Gloria maudlin or the mud. I actually was so embarrassed. If so do what I should done which was just ignore it. In week Berrian caught in the seem to be over I actually in voluntarily said oh good lord. Like making itself title right here and I know I know. Can you remember that moment with your parents when you're watching a movie and you're like Hulu was an embarrassing for you was it more embarrassing for them. 8332871037. I actually walked around our office yesterday and last couple of our coworkers that they had similar situations. I don't remember the movie. They do remember sitting at my mom and dad and all of a sudden when the scene came out my dad taught me to cover my eyes and I was about 1617. Which is even more embarrassing it was a neat he seemed. Yes that life was like a love scene is about to be in that scene out and I think my mom even uttered the words of white they have to show. And that she's at a certain fight our yeah. Waleed if that. And and that's a little bit better because at least you can prepare yourself you know it's coming. I did not expect big mourns his walk out all kinds and Mickey out of us on a school bus and we got. On our twister captured again oh dear lord. Interests who are small town most feature Don like dateline for something and so one of my brother's friends recorded it on VHS. And my -- dad are the VHS so he could watch the state I'm sorry about her hometown. And so what got me much of popcorn and my whole family sat around and me to the VHS then and as soon as he push play it was like right in the middle of porn. Home I got my best friend and apparently like. Then drink unit before I forgot that he recorded over the dateline story and so we all watched about twenty seconds apart when you were dead. I guess he just got up and went about. I don't blame him emerge from the ledger died down there at 8332871037. When you watch an. I would watch it my cat. It was called forty I have. It was about illegal old gotten by OK. And so well I hit it looks interest and we get home like the first couple seeing them very absorbent isn't it okay. And then about halfway through the movie we did have to carry cot. Because it sell operate eating continue watching it they got X they eat at you can't sit on your own Hyman albeit the days. Up up up up and just too much is this one big Al and his girlfriend cat small time crooks dealing with guns and stolen goods in Queens New York yep that. Nativity scene of a fun religion to pull sex and booze. That's according to a there Wikipedia page of unheard of that movie but I'll erased and off do you wish list with my daughter's right you for that yankees' radar. And here. That's awesome let's go to Stacey and PV Stacy tell us about your experience with. All my back I'll talk about the mark Moore has fine experience ever. I'm an eighth grader and we go to Q a bit murder mystery it. It Delaware got a double date and my eye and moms hate but she's sitting in the back of the movie Icrc that met Emmitt state called. Live earth it would lay Sharon Stone. And when the ball land. All right we have William and admit the red. At the time Billy Baldwin. Yeah oh my god they're. So many actual experience. And it went an education and that let me out you know we get that they're not touching each other not knowing what. Right and try and just freaking out I bet that was rated. I don't know all and I wouldn't dating a younger man you don't need to. Grady Little trip I don't do. Door well I obviously moderate attention she saw murder mystery that's what it was him. Didn't pay attention and she probably when she's at their realized. Am I gonna make it even worse by coming to get my son in his deet. I don't I can cut yeah that like she she thought he's gonna make it worse. You are sure even in the back maybe she's not I was watching a movie next door and Italy in all. Are we not gotten. And I we didn't even know what could they argue argued there it was shocking and. You know what in in in slivers defends the 1993 erotic thriller did win Sharon Stone and MTV movie award for most desirable female. Validate careers and that's yeah I thought I heard Sharon Stone says. My guess I'd go if it was done in the cafeteria as a mom of boys so I can totally see your freezing up and thinking I'm gonna make it worse for him he's gonna like. And you know I can I know you will meet him you know that the number one concern for me is the care of the elderly so IE. As well. So I had the opportunity is young man. To take my grandmother on a date and I left I wanted to shore it was mature compete for her brain all the things you do for me when I was younger I am. So I picked up my grandmother her home. And I ticker to launch we went to olive garden which is a big mistake because she's a 100% Italian and I did note the time it's not a Ford. It went to a movie what movie tonight my grandmother too you think my grandmother my grandmother. What do you think. Both of these are. Silence. Of the freaking land on now now all there are some scenes in silence of the lambs. That are fortifying no matter how old you are. Pitching yourself at the age of eight teen with your grandmother. Wolf is there's so much to you that explains everything out.