What Song Will John Play with the Morgan Leigh Band?

Tuesday, February 20th


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Mining. The guys is my fans made Morgan Lynn. A couple of some would say yeah. Oh as us musicians say I'm tired from the last game plan and practice. I have a practice in the Morgan thank you I guess we are lightly now what a month away from your president your performance the morally band at the belly up. It's your apartment still. Group. That makes me nervous I've I've been trying to talk to Paul whose lead guitarist of the more relieved and about don't want to we are going to be performing and we have not touched base yet. I did hear it. At that your fan of The Beatles. Well I am a fan mobiles and I'm glad that you brought that up because I was thinking. That possibly. If you guys can do it. Maybe we do a song called love me do by The Beatles whose goal harmonica in it. I would love to do that I really I'd love to veto. I think it's a pretty easy song for you guys to perform creatures so tale that I don't know about I'll call for the harmonic is going to be. And a plus I I love the idea the guys harmonizing and and I think it is itself fantastic thank you Tammy I don't know I meant to begin what I'm. It'll be listening to. The more I think about the idol does distract me from my heart plan. You had your need to be very sad it also as a solo do you know that the solemnly do as a solo and it's. Well a harmonica somehow are right stuff. Well of course you pick out one with us alone you want to spotlight on you for no I don't I'm scared out of my mind for this pretty system is the one time I don't want all eyes on me. But they can think you mean that way every art. No Morgan I outward you get this confidence we have ever to our show. Atlanta put the you know mile. Standards that the smaller of them need to do then that in a day in state guy. Flowers excellent now home to double. Oh I'm sorry on the cuts you up to the any time all right Mort you'll think you think you for checking in is illegal Nokia annual world. Everything's going great where her getting geared up and excited to release new music that and I tell. Yeah I am having a. Just the buzz about his calendar. So what time does he need to be there yes that's very important make sure you make it. About a half an hour actually before you really need in their guys Albright here right yeah it. But a. Like he did that for the pre party. A little practice and then we'll be ready for the prefer. Okay okay well we're a month away. Delhi the more elite band stupid enough to bring me on stage to sing to perform the song we're at 20 and we have to do is officially into what we do. At oh my god on the yeah. And I hit it out there and I'm really nervous I'm very nervous about this. Because elderly and let Eagles livable my daughters are Beatles fans I'm definitely going that Sheldon I ask yourself they're going to be various point and dad so. I've got to nail it thanks Morgan. And up up up up up up IRA yeah. Day and thank you guys.