What Smells Remind You Of Your Childhood?

Wednesday, February 21st


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Mark what smell when you smell usually brings you back your childhood. Well I mean the one that you don't wanna put up on the airs daily examiner dot perhaps the pastor yeah you know. The bout would drill butter rant and prevent that but the but the PG version would be crushed that day. You an island or or at Yankee mark. Hi John interior what's your name is Donnie Donnie what what smile takes you back to childhood. Well they're being you know a box of crayons. You know it takes inducted Ian Wright. In a first grade you know I mean. I totally know what you mean and if you had a fancied the fancy room with a sharper and it's. When you say that might it take you do you not have the big box of fancy crazy not governor until I was older. Donnie parliament take care hi John Tamil what's your name what smell when you smell instantly takes you back to being a kid. It's kinda greatly because. I can't see only. Here to elect. Our. It. And so every time you smile that now you think back to day care with that candle. All that I I'm hoping I dig your it was a good experience. I don't actually I loved her on eight. Author. Paul. Is a beer with your personal. Deke your provider. Can't actually. Partly Ohio Arkansas and that's a that's awesome and even north. I went to daycare when I was a kid I don't I don't I don't think it existed back then I think it probably did yeah babysitters but I'll be beneficial day care and think. That I went to daycare I think it went right to kindergarten the ignorant and a first grade anyway. Question is that she's an apple cinnamon elks. Well they'll have to find out. I'm just real breaker. If she wants you can't business you know those candles back. Brian what smells take you immediately back to your childhood. What or other wetland their rivalry. Very Little League every kid in in the world it's in the outfield in this chewed on art. Yeah pop pop pop art kind of an outfielder and picnic picnic picnic and a group. You know whoever the list glove players it's the only yeah.