What Gives You Road Rage?

Tuesday, April 24th


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8332871037. Let's go to Escondido for Albert. Hey people can just drive better. Elmer what is your biggest pet peeve what causes instant road race deal. People are trying to run me over I don't know expansion. Not paying attention okay yeah and all their right in your Miree alike and I shared the story to police you about the guy that I accidentally you know completely appalled by accident. We caught him off and he followed me into the parking lot of plays I was going to look at that we're gonna throw down and he's one of my other fact that. I did to do what I did and after I said hey I am very much aware app college guys he was I up okay evident right they were buddies now and meet for coffee next week. How much different now that won't go away was it Monday and Mercedes. Almost ran me off the road cut me off. In in a mile later he cut off such chp and he got to pull he got pulled over. Not easy now instant karma instant karma the thing that drives me and that's a pet peeve of mine that gives me road rage. Are people who think I don't act to follow the rules people have moved over everybody's waiting somebody. And did a mob boss might weigh in right now at the last minute. Could we probably sit here because we're just stupid we all just as your stupid they'll you know it's like four holes. Then yesterday I was about birdied fifteen to the 78. Unguided setting go to leaned over. And almost kicked me out and gave me the finger. TV I think it gave you yours there really you know we really rewards you currently own and yet I would like our body that's why. People sometime about your vehicle until I was people shouldn't be on the road. How aware of games in particular your car pretty your pocket yeah yeah pop up on behalf kind of small Breaux Grassley got the finger on. Anchored being Roy you pulled into your religious Jews. If are nonetheless playing a good 85 miles an hour and somebody on my bumper. And will slow down. Yeah. I'm already I'm already above the speed limit. And I try to pat people. Oh Kelly you're moving in you're passing people and someone is on a door but trying to get you going in fat third. No I agree with you if you're if you're passing traffic and then you move over once you're past. The traffic you're passing the person behind you should not be on your won't know which we and your bumper anyway but they should not be irritated with you your moving past the people you are passing. I need I get it yet there's fifteen people in their right hand lane Billings 65 miles an hour. And your truck along I 7075. Rain food producers like give us speed up to 100 he can make it quicker. If you're passing traffic the person behind you has no right to complain OK okay but that what you asset traffic today Indiana water. I'd be okay. It is typical state law across most state. That the left lane is acting all. My former sister in get a ticket for just driving in the left when there was no one else on the highway but you're driving in the left Atlanta to state patrol pulled her over and said you're getting a ticket because it's a pass only going out. And right Jessica tell us about your bridge. I think I cut and at Frederica a lot of people and you client and I'm not there and who consistently. I see a release are back from the current economy could I don't wanna cut the accident played consistently going really slow. And so people are cutting in economy thinking they're getting somewhere allot after the meal and really we ought to just stopped but the clean please. Didn't answer. I saw your paranoia of career ending somebody's do you do you practice what you think he's safe distance from the person behind her in front view. But you also admitting you go to slow because of that. No idea it definitely caught back up but it is acutely imminently managed gaps in their cadet athletic. Slam on the grades. Senate on record Mary ever gotten pulled over for going too slow and that's a law as well. I didn't at an hour and a. Wow well also mark person's self admitted one heart let's go to Mike in alcohol Mike what gives you exit road rage. It has not been good they're a little optional I am on the left side used during call. In fact if you don't know what it or the blink her cut at the I thought we want those people. My dad's got a car that actually yells at him if he does he's linger and he's still doesn't usually are so he's the opposite of the guy who he's on all the time. There are bad. Mall mile long how long that try to never. The hour right exactly that's still not certain what would you rather have the person does that the person doesn't bother signal. But moderate signal buck or saw optic. Living off the actors have to lie like. The other knock on anywhere okay I think as agnico. So much Regis sure. Do you ever gotten a pro he wanted to get your car you'll actually. Do something about it I know it's not the end I have yes I have because they're just such in an eight Leon Black tea. I'm actually guilty of having done that. And it was a purse that was messing with me I didn't know that. And then when I got out easy what are you doing what I have no idea I'm sorry this doesn't pretend this never happened earlier fight mimic no I don't get pushed me. I didn't know I believe I don't know what I was about to do here and David Simon and ashamed of that actually.