What Does Your Partner Do That Drives You Crazy?

Monday, August 13th


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Johnny Timmy in the morning John is out today. Through Wednesday he is now back in New York that confidently vacations so I drug my husband and meet my husband Kurt. Kurt and I have. Been married for 23 years in this is something we have never done IQ we've got an ash should do this before. Like right now you need to talk into the microphone yeah. Pop up a little. Yeah. Oh my goodness up first and foremost our phone number is 8332871037. And I wanna throw a question out to you. What has been the tiniest thing that is really got you upset from your other partner. Okay who is something really small that you should not have gotten that upset and I'll explain because we've been together for 24 years. You raised to use. To appeal that. The potato bag goes. Nuts. So. The year very upset that I use a knife to peel potatoes instead of a potato peeler. Is the tool specifically. To view. Jones he's increasing the art so here's the deal I might not a lot when I was acute it's universally hate using this reason might not be Duchardt. So really every deal. When you get upset. It's easier ways too much potatoes. That's why we're not niners because well I took potatoes or not. Of yours. Obama. Okay all right anyway so what is something small that's still like upsets you quite a bit that you are significant other your boyfriend girlfriend does. I gotta tell you something small that Kurt did years and years and years ago that upset me so bad. We thought he tried this new trend of shaving your chest rate I mean many guys have done it a lot of guys still do it especially if anybody you know works out a lot her. Anything like that but he's. Just use so proud he is likely look I did today and I immediately burst into tears. It is here the breast chest here ever sought to not hasten that wasn't good line net. And I'm up. Exactly so anyway this Phillies weirdest thing you got a fighter upset about 8332871037. 37 in KS so went with John and Timmy in the morning John is out for the next a couple of days on vacation. Today I kind of strong arms my husband had 23 years to come in and co host with me today which you've never done before. I just his arm when I think about it. Coming in you and you must have snuck in on the Houston and detonate them against an eye gets it and do it can't. Carried I don't know why would never done before it has been really fun. We should we should do is more amazing what you people it's pretty in a you can. Oh we are talking about the littlest thing that that upsets you or your significant other he got in arguments about something so small adjust you wanted to share one. And now I he just is not allowed to it signed cards before me anymore because he always steals the good stuff to say. He signed my mug our mothers stay cardiac like my mom and my grandma raised his stuff was so sweet. I've there was nothing league really great love for me to say so you just get to sign it so I'm just like Rickey put his own loved Jeff as so I'm like okay Wilbon what do white put the cart range. Do that I do you you Google+ news. Current enough of it and a. Yes he's curt he's got a lab tech cards performing markets if that's always still go back right ankle that he needs to sign your name so it's in the same writing so it sounds like guess both of you. I think that's what's gonna that would be the only way to fix it's that double there doesn't walking by the wind up RH 8332871037. Laura up. Don hi Heidi and canning bad. Only got a hit now we gonna get a month to like a rich when he air act and eleven is named David. But it got it good girl like. And I think. What would he had cutting import a lot of it being a Alec and I. Didn't want you know one of lack of big thing we don't know bike. Indeed really the ground. So you earn their keep he actually purposely turns it from the way that you haven't when he comes back from deployment. Like you're out of the Cuban government under I would you do good body good I guess like I need habit beaten bowler. A great deal to keep it underneath that strong. Yet. Did you just don't like I was losing my mind. And I aren't you went crazy and I would like aren't you you're you you're thinking and doing the body come out when you know beaten. Gatwick and what they all like yeah. It's not like there like NF IR shirt though. The government intends. It is military training and re exactly how many guys that rates it. Munich yeah yeah exactly. The people that the Sunday at toilet paper hangers are psychopaths. That would doc. Let. So you might just watch it's. I. I'm breathing I'm gonna die. There yeah. You're right thank you so much suited our. So just little things sometimes you know one more thing. Perhaps. That's.