What Does John and Kim Jong Un Have in Common?

Wednesday, June 13th


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I have to and that I was very impressed when I found out they can we don't own report report his own portable toilet to Singapore over his daddy would you ever come do come out got oil and envy. Kim Jong that decision made this week in everyone's very excited about the possibilities. Of what might happen. Aid while still being very cautiously optimistic because the last time I checked we all thought Kim Jong along with some megalomaniac who likes to well being killed is own people and you know and completely keep this country in the dark literally by blacking out the entire country at night in making sure that nobody can advance and they'll the same haircut is it in a system my old stuff that goes on their however. I'm starting to think I'm gonna lot in common with the dictator because the dude. Perry is on point with with and it's been confirmed by the way take what you think about it it makes a lot of sense I'm amazed at. In fact I'm exited their prime more leaders to do this exact same thing we don't hear about it. Because. In a much right not be so gross with this let's not. But. Apparently they that there are people that would like to. Gather information. About illegals are learning how their health is based culture that so that's why both his enormous impact on who can you imagine like your country fast. And you look ovaries you huge line over the port audited figures of one. I've amount to a. Go to hell it's good to be mailed to you guys about twenty seconds but now it's gonna take me half a way to lunch I'll think about that you're you're on your lights as the chargers game of forget about that. You know you're about an F Andre is game. You like this. Not miss a lot to the Kim Jong ung portable toilet. You're right it was a thing was carried around for you. All you gotta figure that part out and listen I mean I was he can we don't know they'll probably to dictator regards you know assign somebody to carriers toilet. Idle idle idle again internally and carried her on the accord that would be a funny and I outlook doesn't look at all. Potty handler and I'd I am. I thought you body and I thought I'd like to think that the North Korean president doesn't have a home people five gallon bucket I mean obviously there's. It's it's more advanced than that rye it's well at. The conversation is solve what is it why you go to the bathroom here or wouldn't you rather have your own personal space no matter where you are personal potty I guess I'm. It's one that I guess I gotta be positive in one of the first things I'd ask for. And Alice wow arrays. What you want to be president well. Personal potty it sounds so much nicer. Heidi you know it's always a Lewis saying it's not only to protect his area. It's also because can zoom is supposed to be notorious German folks that might make sense as well but yeah. Do carries around his own personal until I mean accidents are about averaged a car and Madeleine bombast and they can't. It might the topic at. I agree tiger.