What Did Your Parents Do With Your Room When You Moved Out?

Wednesday, September 13th


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What did your folks do to your room when you moved out of the house all you probably thought you had a little safe zone for ever to go back to should something go awry and realize that now it's the entry. Well what's on him in the morning are at which your parents did with your room when when I know when I moved out. My mother turned my badger me into her bedroom. Because my dad snort so bad and that's back before he had CP absurd even done that she actually just turn in her own right they honesty perhaps they seal later yeah right. I. And rented outlet through Google and excellent. 957. A number 1973. My daughter Julia has taken over my daughter Andy's room already has her own art studio again is a wonderful artist and loved. But she's decided her rooms not big enough for your creativity and he sprawled dollar stuff and added by the way in nine hours away in Sonoma and not impressed. I'm. I rented how. Do you. A 619570. Number 197. Marie. Let's talk TU first win let's go one person Nicole Nicole thank you remind us. And technical on the line. Nicole what did your parents do with your room once you moved out of the house. They just flat out. I'm coming up it's gone good. The truck is over I thought you know to change their mind. That I've been and then. They're like out there in Italy here but that commitment. Via a house. You know it's funny because my AI youngest daughter had moved out and that we bought a house she's like you bought a house with only two bedrooms is he feeling yup just not trying to. Let's you've done your job. And done your job at 619570. Number 1973 of you Martha how long did were you gone before your parents do something different to your room. My mom selling Arab. All the selling your rooms a thumper Martha Holler all you've gone before your room. The place where you spent so many wonderful childhood memories and became in my sewing room. On. Yep that's about right intent on one really chic and I was best at the people's also sure. Vs a producer just a solace in Xenia beautiful Italy and others who Jessica. Wild two is only sees I didn't know that my husband's you'll well I know he does. Yeah well my mom and my mom wasted about a minute before my room became her office as well you know. Their parents should keep it that way a mama was it's is too was church leadership of the church also admiring with Metallica posters and girls and bikini post is we want to change. You know they crucify. You read all that really narrow and Nissan. How. 619570. Number 197 through what your parents do to your room once you move down how long it's taken me do it. Interesting question this morning because of my daughter Julia has taken over her older sister Andy's room as are our gallery now. I had reasonable doubt just a college but does not she's doubts. She's in the the data does not include a 61957. On number 197 threes did your mom and doing your room Jimmie we knew in my mouth my mom turn Myron enter into her bedroom because my dad snoring my my youngest son now is getting ready to move here in a couple of weeks. So his room could actually become a guest bedroom because it's only two bad terms something. All right Jessica is in Spring Valley what do Jerome become when you moved out Jessica. Though and I got an eight and I had been in the nightcap and over my court at yellow ball but it chain in my out at the Belmont with a yellow color. And king and that the law like Matt. Mike and get apartment though it. Teenage boy. You probably put a really cool princess rumor something great of tea parties in there and now it's only by teenage boys smile I used to be it teenage boy. We don't know good. Yeah and all honey I'm sorry pastry share in our gonna go to Emma an El Cajon MO what happened to your room your childhood room when you moved out. Completely out of my all up on what are your room became part of something else what what did they deal. And more grumpy but that's me as a matter of hey hey hey dad weird question here on ABC my room at. This just does seem so weird and initials scrawled yeah. Yeah I think there's a commercial like that where the kid comes home from college and they're like your Russo there and we dearly for its twin beds they expanded their master bedroom and on the good thanks Senegal. Let's go to mark marks in Mira mesa mark what happened to your room when she moved out. Went up boot camp came back on the card into a. Plus a little bit. Hello all I know how long. You wait for you to go to protect our country did too until she turned. Euro mentor her Sauna. I'm not sure not very long is he knocked out my back went up but are about the back yard the group the way. It was it's still not quite the iPod virus like it back but are the boot camp and I don't know remote like a bad. I want to hear I think. Yeah. It. Actually out on a whole load on our end of the world I or not but it accurate to. It's not but yeah it was gone. This is the thing. Most of the moment decision yeah she probably encourage you to enjoy. It. Got out there. That's very funny all right let's go to cat in Carlsbad cat what do your parents do with your when he moved out. When I'm in doubt it can and my mom and pop it in a tournament that's causing. We have three cash and it can into the Cat Power Limbaugh clearly. You're became the way and we. Are now. Golf bags and and thinks. About that hard current reality yeah exactly.