What Did Your Kid buy Online Without Your Permission?

Wednesday, August 15th


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So little Caitlin sick she's in Utah yes she ordered a bunch of toys without her aunt and uncle knowing. It turns out dad's they had let her order Barbary Dallas birthday present on the website. That a couple days later she asked at check the status this kid Smart by the way enjoyed check the status of our order. And that's when she plays that big order everything went back by the way I'm a my nieces and nephews when they were visiting me it was about a year ago exactly. They wanted to see boss BBC we rented osprey. Then the next day when they're watching it again I just wasn't thinking about it because it's a three day rental. It turns out each day they continued to order to open a window it's fair for 38 so. Whom. 83328710370. What do Jerryd daughter by without your permission. My diet I really competitive about the girl scout cookie sale last year names you know filling up Obama all of my name a lot of kids who develop like. 200 off the cookie. 0200 boxes that's a punishment I imagine they. Yeah huge crowd Adams also saw a mop it up about. How you're right that it would sell 200 of them. 8332871037. Henri what is your kids by without your permission. My two year old would scramble to remodel and accidentally ordered to enter. He oh my god the company would actually or about who apparently don't happen a lot yeah it's simply we can watch it solely on the commodity. All they don't see that happen to win when they ordered it. Several times they took off all but two. And that was because one of them was passed the three day rental solve whatever play via cell will wanna know what your kids bought. Without your permission 8332871037. Or maybe you didn't see your parents share what you watch without your parents' permission as well let's go to Justin and Chula Vista what did your kids by without your permission. Okay yeah my son got them Bert and money. And Dahlia the little you know kind of piggy bank and he didn't see it get a and we found out that he basically had ice cream social. At school buying our buddy I extreme laugh yeah I don't try. I like your description an ice cream social. Though that the positive part about it is that he shared and. Yes yes sharing is caring per share. How much was it. Well at fifty dollars he had and we found that it would miss seeing and then we sign up through another friend because they're so I'm so excited. That my boy it would buying everybody a stream after school and. Well I rank all my gosh that's a great story thank you for sharing Justin. 83328701037. Have their what did you kids by without your permission. No op Ed I had on my daughter. Shoot it out and got out of me an end to order a group clients stood and camping and then there's a 650 dollar only. Larry I bait I got an alert might think they may they have been evident that kind of a few dollars. Only and I look like why are black NHR group bought it. Very packed my bag yet pat and turned has ordered a group not really good maybe unload. Yeah I mean I mean meeker apartment in Brooklyn that attic they have gotten a lot about that I didn't think solidarity not oh. It's plagued let that and they let LA with a money back maybe it all but moraine and wow Jerry. Yeah a little scary and that's a big spend he won the that's why haven't on my phone has to have my thumbprint to be able to order anything different at a. How I'd say Atlanta you know look like I respect that you lingered but a lot of it. Not about it. Sure sure that I have they kill. Let's go to Britney colonies have Britney what did your kids by without your permission. I meant little actually buy it and when might eclipse they'll kind of popular and adding gay and Mary that urgent. Credit toward the game. And battle in my on the information and next thing you know my ink for auto insurance polite and Sarah. Funeral on policy is different type insurance can. We're able to hit any good money back. Oh he he basically paint got. You know it's not purchased by accident and lack of accompanying we're very standing room. Point and accompanied actually lectured my mom about letting her she'll bring you like her are confirming an online reviews so she's brilliant but it. Sales. Yeah. That it was here's the point did she didn't know we did the now you're now. That's great honor to share one real quick it's so when my sister my one my older sisters was in fifth grade. My mom got a package in the mail all and it was for one of those must exercise nurse. It along that we must. We must increase our bust it was just big they're in a large shirt and I I had scream in all kinds of stuff in it. And then believe it or not. You can get things got called COD cash on delivery and so my mom ended up buying it and we never shot again and alleys wondered was she using its. And maybe maybe on the side somewhere. That exactly or made it easier.