What Did You Want To Do as a Kid You Finally Did as an Adult?

Wednesday, November 1st


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Why is this sounded. There. And in what's Tammy doing to make that dude chuckles so charmingly. Self however in my life and again and I'm Tim in the morning opposite Diego's number one for new country is and I cheated I know you're doing this is the day eight jealous by the way right. Why didn't you always when your kid wish your freely can afford his. The used to be super expensive compared to an elderly consider released anyone's but the electric cars are battery operated cars that kids can drive around in right. I always wanted one of those. And of course I never got the opportunity to ride those when I was a kid did you earlier big wheel or green machine immediately though I had a bicycle. It's a known all the neighbors habit will alms I know. I I had the big will my neighbor always of the green machine and so jealous of the green machine but finally last weekend I got to fulfill a childhood dream. And get into a little hot big kids murder scenes and doing notices a few facts. Barely and and it's driving around a cul-de-sac and I was having tons of fun. Mean my girlfriend she got a little pink one and I was in the in the other when we're driving around kind of racing because the Mercedes to the yeah right and that's our Emmy holding up perjuring car he's driving it. And I had the economy went for. Cul-de-sac I was and that's exactly. Anyway I oil loved to seal police officer plea over or might it actually Mercedes. I was in the circle and homeless. I thought there. It. Went to an odd is that the gas it goes Mozilla chuckle yet again there Erica they're almost surreal Mac and not only areas are more numbers. 619570. Number one in 973. What something they always wanted to do when you were a kid. But he didn't do and Julie were adults yet you finally got the opportunity do something that you always wanted to do when you were kids 61957. No number 1973. Sherri what about you. I saw it on that. And right at the error every year. I am. Right I mean I can sit here and what used to you know when your kid I watched some kid a pumpkin patch jumping on a trampoline that was attached to bungee cord my back. Was like you're never gonna do the outbreak that was it's so cool. Fly into the air like that of the greatest and you actually you and your mind yeah. Shut up the producers of can you think of something that you always are doing your little that you finally got to do when you're old and I have to thank you weren't clapping doesn't count I know I'm galaxy or it wasn't I I I was never able to do is never did it for some reason I finally did it as an adult and the weirdest thing could easily kid. Rite of passage might arrest mortal as an adult. Well I yeah I know that about you know I know all the guy you know I was scalp and Noam the boys you didn't have a smaller whenever he's army is more until. We had a bonfire and my kids had won a magnet does really good I think under the truck going up some cut innovator of reliability of that drive. You know and I'll do it for years yeah and I hear it was like. Who who may. If Ahmad a sweet guy but oh my god where he's been alive 619570. Number 1973. Something you always wanted to do when you were kid. Gee thank you to do until you're an adult of you Lauren. Did you play and I have every bit of the black no I've got out boring I got and go to Atlanta and a very quiet. The subject back to drink or are yet you know. And it idiot. Tennis is like you didn't give you a Disneyland Italy or adult is yeah yeah I'm not until I was grown more and how old were you when you finally got to go. Whoever my first trip to Disney World one hour I think it was in fourth grade. I've ever how it felt when I first walked through even to this day remember Bozo like to walk through Disneyland through the eyes an adult in the first time. It did not. I. Up to that but did it and now I have a daughter I get to go about it and now it hurt so bad but it I didn't. Going to be may. I agree a 100% in bad blood that's the thing nobody does it make. My kids and myself we go back in time. Need to wise who will log in there and I'll OK 6195 some unknown number 1973. Chile finally got little from from toy car. That you finally had a small or yeah. The same thing though because there was never like prohibited from having laws a kid I just didn't think about it for some stupid reason. What's up he always wanted to do was a kid. Never got to do it till you're an adult. 61957. Though number 1973. San Diego's number one for new country KS ON was something he always wanted to do was a kid. But for whatever reason just didn't do it and got to do it finally has an adult and we got to go and refers. Broom broom to point car. Yeah those battery and motor powered ones a lot I'll wanted to have one of those. Remember thinking when I had my first time were built like a racetrack. And or plays and won't apnea course I didn't think about how much it costs. Ahem but I finally get to ride one it was super fun I felt like naked argument out well I was too painful. Well Kelly adults don't you know I got myself in an album it was quite difficult but it was fine. Our phone number 619570. Number 1973. Alexis eleven groh was something you always wanted to do as a kid but never got to do it's we were adult. Righted your bike I heard god and a dear Mikey there. How I want you are Betty who. But about. Matt Elliott and now. You know but I I I got there and we. So what finally got you on the dirt bike as an adult. In the motorbike oh. You. Kind of feel. I think they. Built but I bet they get bigger by. All right good for you are a danger can't take care leave isn't Serra mesa leave. Something you always wanted to do was a kid but didn't do until your adult. I got to go to a trampoline warehoused in L a cowboy birthday parties and things. He's no hero in a big hit. How long did you jump. All right well I jumped about 45 minutes until eight tore up my ankle and had to go to New York or. Well every trampoline story and I'm like yeah. Listen in up up up up or take theory. I'm Melissa eyes and fall brook Melissa something you always wonder as a kid but didn't get to do until you're an adult. Yet our parent company had not been a little girl aren't always begged for a line. And that dog crying all night ready to get back the next day in and to dramatize that as a kid I always going up until I got very. Instead packed Manhattan under rescuing it died and now we've rescued caller I have every chemical Celtic. I'm glad. Eighty Agnew Danica I that's all on the every every keeps them on red. Yet there aren't are banned and like overkill but it makes up for that one day and I was so upset. I played that's totally true thank you sweetheart all right let's go to Amanda Imperial Beach Amanda something you guys want a doozy kid getting get to do until you were adults. Tampa why do you add like a Burger King or McDonald's at some point like out on the. Not. Content that is kids in the flew to trade. You know so much that it's and you. That I'm so you've evaded an adult you've invaded a kid's playland. At McDonald's. And slid down the slide on a food tray has an adult. I wouldn't say is that little thought I was like eighteen. I should not be your and that's because you know what I want yeah I think are saying no it's human. That's that's that's all do well on the on the fly later. Look let's go I'll pick ticket for lunch date and you can show them how to guard on the play yard flag. I do wouldn't let me on the slide with the and we got to take video now oh. To do this isn't so we're we've heard you give me a BBC your kids as it is a me let me go on the site Hollywood back about five errands to run. Out of that test at Wal-Mart and colds and yes officials have. Diabolical well I got an out on them on that challenge though I by the slide down a slam of the food drag me to do that I've done it Donna it's no Hilton. That's pretty flat and Jim put it exactly dozens of music and Edmonton.