What Did You Used to Think Was Only for Old People?

Tuesday, March 6th


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San Diego's number one for new country one of 37 KS ON question for you what is something. You always thought old people do. And now you found yourself doing it and you know what you don't like it. Like Sunday night when the Oscars were ending hopefully around 8 o'clock Ellis they see past my bedtime is around 8 o'clock which we can. And what planet do you think the oss is going to be three hours good lord there they need at least five hours a teller of how important they are the 8332871037. Something. That you always thought old people do and now you found yourself to a new start with you Angie. I would expect got a better earlier that I ever would it's not the. Right if I used to hate going to bed early as it fights the my parents now. Meg going to bed nine sound so marvel. I didn't want it that are out. I would just like to stay up long enough to watch a movie over the weekend adds you got. Kids under five green oh yeah. I DVR everything I don't even in the reading room you gotta agree excuse producers steps to be exhausted IE on the other hand do not my kids are are grown. Julia is seventeen now my youngest man what do see a movie at 1255. In the afternoon we got done and are good friends can Taylor project. We're playing outside ETC out plaza area there although it can't pull surprise I actually a toy and you guys are showing up okay. Finally there drew big knock I mean I never make their gigs right so watch they're gay and driving home with Julie Hamlin for. I'm spent. What do you say we. I watched the she goes. It's 415. Like and a nap in. 8332871037. What is something you always thought old people do and how you found yourself doing. About you Chelsea. I'm Yangon though it clearly marked on it fell out of the Mediterranean rat thing going out thinking. Seen home equity. My favorite thing now on a Friday now say is to get all my little player's card things that you get a bond this monopoly things. It put him together on the game board while watching the night before his grades Nat. A lot how. Easier than not they have app equivalent. I am once they are I just got older listening to the members and that is that what you did Friday is is put a monopoly game board together for months. And I want anything immediately with if you wanna car he had urged him to me as saucer now I did every year and I settlement and you've you've never won any things now they know it's five dollars off some things. Nobody justified you never know all I'm like what they know way out a lot of squares just a UUUU thirty. I'm 33. If you're 33 years old when you just said sitting home on a Friday night. Putting your monopoly game pieces from vons grocery store and it's game she is a fun thing to do. I'm a member when there were other fun things to do on Friday like. Anything else you guys how many Friday nights you actually wanna go sit at a bar or club. Dress up put god yields. To try to get the bar uses five million people are now I would I can sit did call it. It put together monopoly got lots of lovely new episode of Grey's Anatomy it was amazing. I will say this I went up to happy hour on Friday night with a buddy of mine and halfway through and taken as recruitment gym pants on. Thirteen Jersey my aches and watch Cong Skull Island that's exactly what. 8332871037. And were not that old. What is something that you always equated all people with and now you love doing it yourself. 8332871037. Here's Kelly Danica in the San Diego County credit union traffic center. What is something you always thought old people do like Al known live monopoly game from bonds and a fri nine single on your boyfriend. Before you have a baby. And your life changes forever Jessica and I I think that is perfectly okay I think. Today though. And I see no problem here and it not Mary you have kids yet Ian got a boyfriend you're playing monopoly game on a Friday night has not even a board game it's. The belongs game. Video I was inside and listen whatever floats your boat. My grandma used to say hopes that's when we had has did and what some old people do and now you found yourself doing an 8332871037. Welcome John and Tim in the morning 1037 K and so when I Jordan something you always thought all people do it now you found yourself doing it and probably lining. I. Aren't you end up about. 1 o'clock o'clock after air. You give yourself a two hour nap every day. We're quite at a public event. Good for you man I wish I can do that I tried to do that my friend doctor Jim. Is this do with the fact that when he was in residency I'm sure he worked just ungodly hours but he makes it a point every day to nap every day. Yeah it's a ritual again I'll work shower and go to bed. I Jordan will enjoy your nap later today about. I don't panic if that the hi John Kevin Ellison and Aaron. There was something you always all people do we know you found yourself doing that I'd check know where they're out and pulled two good eyes grew. Great one I hate to say this I missed my grandparents very much but when they were alive they lived in Hawaii. So they always when they called us. When we were in dish in Chicago or or in Minnesota and always feel like what's the weather like there are so they can talk while beautiful wasn't Hawaii. And I swear when I talk to my daughter abbey college in Sonoma State what's the weather like up there has done is it. I'm doing the same thing now parent. Yeah absolutely. An air you take it one step further and take a screen shot of your weather and shared on social media. Arianna and you know whether the cap yeah. And I take care of hi John Jenny what's your name. Hey Sherri was something that you found they all people always do but I found yourself doing it. Bad company Thailand to deal by. Not. Looking young kids running around you there but I do believe that. I'm sorry I can't my hour. I haven't I went out and eat any kid right on the street who am I what are they up to little. Oh yeah. That is hilarious and I'd like to go outside Balata looks most teenagers across the street. Don't know my car are you can't go on god. EP. Well I'm not I didn't know. A nearby car you kiss are you shaking your fist at them. We are all that's often are delirious thank you for your call.