What Did You Do For Senior Ditch Day?

Thursday, April 20th


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Eight correcting back when you're a senior men give to important senior skip day if you did would you do. Think. I suppose that makes sense on here it's. Welcome John to him in the morning and KS ON. And on deal with this morning's my daughter this senior skipped it and. I'm thinking if I would have participated in senior skip day how great it would have been growing up in the midwest to say you were going to the beach. Off that would have been right past that you know could have been an easy area. Now what does Mary Mary Read and so I didn't do my job to tell you it is cheese factory honey we lived such different lives. Our game I can go to seniors give him a thousand to give me a permanent pulled club are of the cheese factory. A high school senior says that the so mind boggling and I'll tell you. I'm a bit. I got a button pierced on senior skip day you did senior skip day I did your parents okay did you skip I diskette. Do you know your parents knowing my home for sure. I called skip past the parents know what it takes the whole thing out of it just a planned vacation day rates. I mean. Well I was. I never got to do senior skip day because when I was in in high school I did a couple of theater shows and that the show is. It's where we're I think he premiered in me. So that was always come a time around in our director says he's also a drama teacher's name it takes part in the united you know on hammering them. We weren't we really do that. Yeah Abby is is doing senior skip day today and I musher should be talking about this but. The I mean at GM and Gabby my. When you run some water. Know how he's gonna blow. Not often and it's actually blowing up right now I think I'm not. Everything okay. So. So she's not doing that actually. It'll record Wednesday at visas is fabulous fabulous student she does she does great Taj she her grades I'm like I assure you my daughter. Because the grades that she hasn't in the clubs that she's in and and it shouldn't be talking about some really early on someone will not skipping and has nothing else iron ore diamonds in the brought up. I tried to I I should probably do you know fear a hub Irina. Tough Tyree what did you do for seniors give Jason 1957. Don't know of 197 little by the way feel free call in show what you did in your senior skip day thank you retiring. Grant yes I have actually. We were cheered Eddie. Womb Wallace and you rock stars did you go for the the Grand Slam breakfast of the moons over my. Listen there is nothing right what more crying hammy was one of the best and also hold the skill scramble which was ham eggs hash browns and cheese sauce you know that you you're actually drilling new did you guess who's dieting in this right now at all. And I thought about that particular thoughts just thoughts on me. I'm looking at the Denny we can see it getting right outside our window right on shot. I wanna go never ever gone over there for your moves and remind me why haven't we gone over there and have breakfast what is wrong with I cried I don't know the answer that I actually go. Yeah. Irene your about the senior skip day what she ordered at Denny's. Probably can't say thank you art that. Do we differ because I would remember exactly what do you of course who has. The Zelaya I. I remember going to Denny so many times in high school what is it with Scotland and it's why it's good it's not as soon as other expensive yeah that's right it's as a manager high school for sixty years old is the same deal rain and it felt it felt somewhat grown up because you sat down and we just come to you rather than doing fast food. In on now at the apartment. In fact my first high school was for seriousness Google from with the who has whose culture girl at Danny's name and I used to. A boy in school or you're right I used to skip church. On certain I was at church have breakfast. And pennies a day I. And my daughter and she's not digging partners in his QB right now she is an advanced chemistry class studying for a an example and forget what I just everything I said before we went to dance call thank you very much.