What Did Liam Say?

Monday, December 11th


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I mean obviously the over the weekend after a 37 hour broadcast of saint Jude children's research hospitals iso flavored injury upon yet I still feel he. When I should and that's how I feel right there you hit they hit the nail on the head. I've felt like I slept a lot but I really didn't it was a year up a lot instantly to right. I didn't do live to pass I still both parties like twelve straight hours there was a constant on Friday as a horribly unfunny I was so jazz and so excited. And so over tired. That I couldn't get to see until after midnight. And and then I slept very sporadically it hit me Saturday right before may or Morrissey a big bag of sand and I know my god. And I was I was I was actually yawning and my and need to go and some degree yes it was still kind of feel weird bad. Asking in the the just the gratitude. The generosity that you were trade is this is amazing to me we shouldn't be amazing guys always step up its films 246430. Dollars. I so much the obstacles this year reign we ask you do so much and you still stepped up because you care about sick kids. And just think he bless you for them and sold last Friday we were we right in the middle that this time and we thought to be really cool idea to face time in my case my sixteen year old daughter Julia who put in case you probably didn't know this but. The phone number. Asking it called Google partner and hope. That was recorded over six years ago when Julie was ten I mean she still has that'll ten year old girl voice not yet a sixteen year old high school junior voice she has not. So listening to that brings back so many. Memories in waves of emotion for me throughout. Tammy in the meantime face timing her. Grandson who's about to have a baby brother ray trying to get some emotions in there we thought maybe he can be the next generation of kids asking you to call in support and be a partner Nokia. I asked him to help us Allah too and give the phone number and one night. He was a little distracted because he had his best friend they Ernie is trying to give back to the movie got you but we got some good stuff from a Rihanna so mr. handsome boy right now T amonte. Rate now at TMI is working to raise money for our kids that are really stack. So I was I was wondering if you could help me out with fat. Okay. TV out I came out its own. Com and Hank Danny. It. Is attacked. Sarah yeah. We are back on. The ground we make it out yeah. I'm listening to that early lead while seamless. Good might surprise you. Can pay that off the area doesn't quite code just like that there's some omnipotent toxin can be done that to that audio her to make sure it all sounds yeah our fan because. If we didn't if we live just error the way it was reported you might hear a little something like this that. Just when he bucks a month. Whole whole whole oh he was not easy he didn't realize what he said because he was in such a rush slightly erratic dom dom always go back to the movie. Or completing just set this is the second time Lee has been featured in some that we like to call. I can't say. And welcome. Hope. I love your reaction to it. Could you trying not to laugh right 'cause it's the one point L. The eat cake. As far as where is gone never emotionally right yeah capitalists around it was I would point out Dylan yeah. And usually I say this. To keep our jobs we had to be that. Not to offend anybody yeah it was the clearest. Sounding new word that he put the entire recording of I mean there was no mistake if you heard like. You know normally they did it take to shoot it you're never questioned it yeah I mean it was not clear you almost spell that out the Franklin. The whole little. And no I. Anyway again so it's stuff like that. And that really carried us through media Manila time to get really tired. Or just like wearied or it was beyond is tired of hearing how many sad song yeah there were because it's a horrible thing. Yeah I'm glad that happened or you would call and in hapless op yeah or sent as a messaging with fuel. If it meant the world Obama worked as. And I'm not that much. Which was my grandson.