What Call Did You Miss Because of Your Phone?

Thursday, April 19th


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We are so dependent on our phones and 2018 have you been so dependent your phone that it's cause you to miss an obligation. He promised someone that you attend. Tammy. This is so unlike you I'm very shocked and disappointed. Welcome to Jun 10 in the morning and disappointed at. Ally our phone number 833287103710. In a recently missed an appointment and blamed entirely on her phone. Well it was a combination of that. A combination of house. So I was supposed to be the teachers are heroes event last Friday and teaches our heroes were the biggest promotions we do here on San Diego's number one for new country when a threesome we certainly are a proud of our affiliation with the Susan Pacific University are it would certainly never knowingly blow off of an apparent that we. Promise that we Viet. No and usually is anytime it's in east county Michael Coke is I lived there I sure did one recently in lakeside this was in CAT. I'm like obsolete talking to producers staff about it that morning on the is now effective date before. One of the people we work with your inability she's like you all couldn't go I might get apps if you bring out. It's it's it's great race no way I'm gonna miss that I had my mom and sister in law coming into town that David she wasn't going to be until early evening so that wasn't a problem like how go to bat and I'll go shopping get ready for many had everything planned I did. I did what could possibly go wrong my husband's back OK so my husband's back went out. Severely really really bad to the point when I had taken him to Kabul for surprise birthday trip. When we came back home I had to call for a wheelchair at the heels at the airplane. I had to wield he had to be will turn out out of the airport to the car so because you retired from we'll cheering him only you missed your point and now because of that he had to have consultations with doctors on last at. And he ended up having one with a back surgeon on Friday not easy to get one of those north and a specialist I don't know that our first hand and he asked if I would please go with him obviously cars and so I've talked about it at producer stepped up after Saddam and it goes so I can get there and and make turn their my husband now I know produces staff. Very well. I'm sure she said. The reason why you looking that it makes a concern well. You do the teachers are heroes event you have to be adding he knew make them both fit and you said I said yes -- goods even had time to go to did you think your eyes and I got your work out in. To carry your husband on an out of the work obligations show. Well on these so my I think it home and tell about 1230 with my husband. We got his prescriptions that he needed. And I cook from turning anecdotally don't take an app what Sammy Sosa BAT's are heroes. 13130 your home at 1230 hot Uga is laid down wind down to take a nap get up freshen up and enough time to get to teach our hero yeah I enjoyed playing in an app yet. Aha wow but I forgot I turn my phone off when I was in the doctor's. Right shouted I actually shut it down rates so I didn't even have it on sometimes doctors offices ask you do that yes and I can return to act on share. Clear edge off what kind of gets in the way of having it wake you up from your nap and that we government ever like all my god I was a really good now Obama. I turn my phone Adam like high slept well as 230 and then also and. Ang Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding and naming all. Messages come through my phone where I know Mike loan now. All right miss Crabtree the teachers are hero hero and I'd hear myself and nobody can do for that is the lord. That's not true I was the only person is missing. Everyone else from here and everyone else from disease Pacific University was there a fulfilling their obligations and oh my god yes and I and I felt so terrible 'cause. Johnny you know that's on me I don't like data to really had actually. You know what I normally would say that it is the second time now you've caused a ruckus with teaser heroes of this time he just ignored them the last time. Darn well no you yelled at students. You don't Madonna did not appreciate their their lackluster response the Fed you're getting a pizza party you thought you get right their faces scream. And cared who is this is not a hero. Of thirty Hillary teacher said she did you get a free and and if you don't react I honestly don't next time. You stepped ME I have not shot off my phone in years. The Peggy actually shot your phone off yeah yeah yeah. You got my hearing her from blowing up an obligation didn't blow it off a huge hero way to tell your staff quit turn your phone up first two year old kids. Ignore them entirely good for you you're a hero I didn't blow it off blowing up means I don't care 8332871037. What did you miss. Because of your phone can jet turned off shut down you miss it appointment wasn't you know several kids didn't miss. We were on her face like that kids hey you might what did you miss because your phone didn't offer because you had turned it off. You know I've actually missed too many things like countless things like being to work on time based Avaya. IPhone alarm but. Quite the opposite my wife and I just got out boy watches and the fact that we. Have them on that we don't miss anything alarm set to begin tonight vibration accurate if not called the middle of the night were cooler. Or anything like that actually bit less. Based on having my watch out now. You work for apple to hook up. Well I don't buy it but we're XP on our own less because we have anything important that we need to get we don't. Who were were able to actually respond to get through. Is another reason while never in apple watch what I posse blame my lack of getting things done on. Products. I'm starting get that Indianapolis. I thought OK so so really how does it actually making use your phone less because he'd do you think because it reminds you of those things. He'll get on your phone a look at Middleton like I'm not that I'm on my phone muzzled on Facebook parents they're able. Out totally totally gets sucked into social media or the monitors to check out the best uncle. Sure on that totally that only makes sense Mike. What do you think of the kids right now crying because there was no Tammy the teacher oral presentation last week and knowing cared. You know it's it's acute disappointment from their partner. Spoke with some make it up on the Netflix right. No man I know I'm really here that I wasn't there really careless firing shots out there wouldn't be bombs thanks Gerri. They care about their teacher getting the award in the fact that they get pizza party but Amazon will then I'd make Mike. Your odds of might hit you on eBay Tracy's help I'm going tracing it weren't doing well yeah. So as there's a that you missed as your phone didn't wake you up or didn't alert you to it it's the phone's fault. Balance all of our angle and I got a doctor appointment actually had my phone turned off at impact called my name away and. We know it's. Behind me yes. Stay net anyways why I like deplete my age I. But it didn't work. Get up for either one attempt famous pizza are always. I'm not where I yeah yeah little and you enjoy your. After I. Thanks Senegal.