What Bad Movie Do You Love?

Friday, December 1st


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Like everything about a movie that are. Everybody else thinks is really cheesy or mad at Plano stinks that you love you don't care who knows him. You may have even ask yourself why am I watching this live so bad yeah. Or do you ask everyone else can understandably you seem to love 6195701973. Let's go to you in Santee first or the lakeside. I'm so excited to mourn Becky Becky go ahead. I might see and like I playing movies I'm that's what I know. My time always mother nicely put danger. No I think am I. Although it's starring a little demo on our policy Milan go beyond Tori Spelling and clean and a lifetime movie and instead have you watched you're telling us I cheesy movie you would let the kids watch with you last night okay Becky wait for this title it was called. Santa stole my dog all my. Oh yeah. Think kids movie that they know hot and red Christmas Day and now my kids are afraid that our cat sunny will be stolen by Santa will be here the retailer. My Santa bias lights and Christmas. I. I'm thanks Becky and right guys. John Ray I mean there's there's some ways they're so bad. But yet you just can't help watch him in in this time a year or watch a lot more to be especially once we get around. The holiday times we will we are at work and like what's on our key was movie that you love anyone else takes. Neat so I know it but like I know come down on Adams and learn everything is there a long time that you can they're really great silk I mean if you want and expect. It contained type movie ticket holder pointed. Out personally on time and that's exactly what I got. I'll Jack and Jill I thought it was the worst movie I've ever seen I Adam Sandler fan and I even do not like that Jack and who is the worst reviewed movie of Adam Sandler his career. And the first film ever to sweep all ten categories of the ramseys why. I mean that is why I mean. And it pretty good library of bad movies and to be the worst reviewed not there are some items and with that I. Have been badly reviewed them like yeah yeah but that's her talk about not I like. My husband and I like a movie it's it's an older one it was directed by four different directors call for rooms here most people hated that movie. Hated that movie was possible for ever saw Diaz for. For different directors doing four different scenes that was the movie and there's one character. I'd Tim Roth to the goal is between all these stories I think he's brilliant and it absolutely brilliant his comedy is so good I of that movie most people don't. I have one that's a pretty. Legendary. Cheesy bad movies that Kenya's got kind of a cult status now in every tenants on. The acting is so horrible for everybody involved. And there were talking a quality actors via the acting is sold everybody involved I can't stop watching it and that will be showgirls. Halloween know why your want to man it's more than just how mine that just that how mom is so bad teacher Angela comedy from me I laughed so hard. It's not it's the furthest thing from a comedy India and yet it's so bad it is that I love it could laugh. I'll allow them very hard several times throughout yes is that the one with. Elizabeth Berkley via okay yeah I mean you are well yes he's a dancer to dancer corner curve her our term phase it down her acting is so bad so bad. Usually Gina Gershon on that he has those over the top bad. The dude from off from revoke a camera look up the dude from the twin peaks Kyle McLaughlin is so bad all lawful life and you have to watch it it's in every and I'm trying to be acting isn't. Shows that it's because it's true comedy. 6195701973. It's time your watching more TV is it lifetime movies where the bad things you like I have to watch it even though everyone else can't stand. So would during India Christmas vacation time my AI youngest daughter will be. Pretty much leaving at my house for a little bit which means my DVR will be filled up with all kinds of bad television bad movies bad this. She doesn't every time we do have to record it this isn't. What does it wasn't until my got the once she always records his white chicks. The movie like chicks all of its horrible. Man I love you I am he's just that Wayland brother had all our awareness oh Lehman and teary curry loved Waylon Jennings tonight. On channel up up up and love his work yet more and we'll watch that and every time it. All kinds of bad movie set 6195701973. With. What's a bully that you love and avoiding you know it's cheesy you know it's bad. But you can't help but watch it I'm Brooke showgirls and I am not alone by the way on the a lot of support on that because all male snow it's not all males with. Females are better sync Johnson chick flick puts it I watch because it's so bad it's funny. It's it's a comedy to me and the furthest thing. From a comedy idols institute for Iran on 95701973. Elise a movie that you love. Everyone else can't stand him. I got a little bit. Rent and I'll ask you that big guy. Are you talking about dead pool and own milk this is horrible. Publisher release like before all. These. And a lease why he didn't you why why don't you like dead pool. I am. I don't. Call it income and tell it like that but even the little. And that's that that in the topic because most people loved it well I watch I thought it was funny but I won't watch it again. Really on those green house one time was planning via one time was funny for me our Alley Ben. Days so I know pretty much in the minority here but I really love that movie League of Extraordinary Gentlemen with Sean. Sean Connery. It was fantastic I am as exciting and a great characters and it it was kind of like got it out dangers of the day that I was gonna really get big like paying them reviewed. Yeah. I I really not a one and I light that people didn't like. Was that. Limited Speed Racer the movie. Now how huge theories are kinda tune again not and you see all I was jazz to the moon with your son yeah and your husband and a young young Grayson I'm actually young men. The field Manny is now right. Crusty Lansky an eighteen years old and almost a mountain on. Lorie isn't Carlsbad Laurie go ahead share your secret shame. The movie that you love that everyone else can stand. There is no secret about that came it all about Greece failed three Greece to. Greece to there's a sequel I'll be there. Oh my god yeah. Outlook on it could. On that and and Luke's move. In you get hired me through and Brando. These. Earlier I also am not mistaken. Greece to starred a then unknown Michelle Pfeiffer yeah I was kinda like a reverse like she was the bad girl and that dude whose name I don't remember he was like the the Libyan John degrees right. It would think as a result in Greece to. Led UN OR. Yeah. I yeah. There's a great. Story to her for that Lorena. I think agrees to viewing parties your girlfriends don't choose. Not to. And thanks to cause great one.