What Apps Make Your Life Easier?

Friday, September 8th


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As Americans as a whole are only easy room and if we you'd do you'd think that there be places company's technology made that would help us avoid being lazy but it's kinda going the opposite way. There's stuff being made now it's going to make us more lazy in the future is at least he worries that some opening up your time okay and freeing up time for you always so positive lava 61957. On number 1973. Welcome John Tammy in the morning Gary Blair brought this up again 61957. On number 1973. Panasonic. Revealed its refrigerator of the future this week moraine where you can. Have a couple choices if you'd like a few choices if you that you get some bloody your fridge you can get your bought off a chair and walk to your friends like. I think is the probably them the most common way of doing it yet or thanks to technology you can say. Fridge bring me food and you'll move out of the wall and bring food do you or you can dial on your phone and say no way it's hilarious isn't coming over our all and present she was food is that for the future you'll be ready for a decade or so but this is what they're projecting. I thought I did think the flying car. Via I remembered this was I'll bet you at least. At least fifteen years ago. Com I was at business eventually they were talking about the fridge in the future where you can put in we haven't there any would tell you what to order and that order for you. Which I thought was great and now we have that you can actually see refrigerator in the the why is pretty. It saves time I like time singing I really do. Most I tell what you might agree like something bridge. That it could ask just wrong. The freeze coming at you as brawl I mean I unless your beyond saying it would not houses the size of Lindbergh airport maybe you have to had to reform Brenda good. In my day a loss of one yet kids and I'm pretty sure that most of us. Can get up. Or at least have somebody get up and get some food for but there's some things I think they're making convenience something's. You seem penalties just was telling me or our associate producer by her friend that has an ad is a call it's called Joshi is always called. And it brings you gas. Like if your car needs gas will come and fill your gas tank up for you all interest in CI -- to go to the gas station the only way I can see that being beneficial as if you run out of gas you have rates amid other than maps I know a lot of people who hate getting ghastly. Eight. So I can see if they're willing to spend a lot of gas and business opportunity ass is an expensive enough and well if it's fair to. Our phone number 619570. Number 1973. Is there an app that you use that promotes. Not not on any of the ansari. Convened Iranian craziness. Or something that you're doing your life that probably could be done but he'd just choose a different way of doing it it's easier or. Pulls it lazier don't seem lazy because some people that's not and it's they have other things that they would rather be doing 619570. Number 1973 W Taylor. I used diner dash just to get my exit on I can definitely go try and get at it myself. And that's the thing I was like who over eats or what's the other one that post me it's my daughter was using that I'm liking easy post means to deliver fast food seriously. And not to mention they really marked the prices significantly. Up so you're paying be lazy allowing out how often you pay for that service Taylor. Our. Her I'd say I want to see lazy because what if instead of going their their spending time with their kids instead of driving down a gold at the food it's brought about an hour into easy all right. Tiger's stuff this game and he Amazon is sleazy people are not going to the grocery stores anymore because. Ordered their food from and a we don't have to wait 12 first of all I don't like people living on Amazon to a big fan secondly I kind of thought the same thing about Amazon prime he'd need groceries delivered now because I happen you like grocery shopping but I got a daughter and on the goes to school nine hours away and you support college student. If I had the ability to send your groceries via Amazon Grimes I know she's eating right and I'll leave that league and was being a good dad. The deal now hitting into any O'Leary not eat the rom and a and a. Understand to yourself ever conquer selfless sodium a guy. The de L. I'm asked to learn to keep the rom in the movie as college. A phone number 61957. Known number 1973. Cirrus that's here that's something that you use it. That makes your life now estimate put it convenient sister's death and maybe he would put it. At least are we becoming too lazy because of its. We'll record convenience. Apps are. Deliveries. Things we can probably do our cells to choose not to pay more to do so hate. Please see okay sitting nearby instead of walking two blocks to get fast food and having it delivered to that please. But on the kind of thing I'm talking about right now but if you're if. Two blocks but if you're in to having somebody take your reservist for you. Where freeze appear try to do something else that's convenient now I'm not seeing of people are lazy and saying there are some things that promote us. Doing less activity which could lead to lazy as. Not saying that we aren't. And and lives were not busy in this sometimes these things are just that very convenient. What's up with you what's sickened at how much stuff I do I'm iPhone that makes me lacy am on FaceBook and using mode he's instead of using real words. It's not easy yours and does fun come go get a bigger nitpicking a little bit earlier stuff. Like and what you reckon a pioneer days okay and you can do everything yeah Monty exactly right here result from India and smokes exactly Milwaukee Chicago by the river probably get dysentery are you happy now. He could use it now. This going is because associate producer Jessica's friend. Dominant an app so gas would come to her and she does have devoted against. That well then you know what that's all said and unless you're stranded on the because your current gas and pretty convenient isn't it are your run about hygiene needs them to come Phillip your RV look at Santa doesn't. Sure my son Josh. I. Emily isn't beautiful Alpine first. And really allies and help find this weekend. I am. And only panorama and yeah it. Earlier I have. It is an app in your phone so you can hit that app and an intimate civil come to your home and just fanned you for awhile I'll. Yeah right. I can't I can't drop it and it where you can you wonder how I hear unfortunately I don't know that you let it hold it. And that it actually let me ask. OK now before you say anything about real lazy staff. Since then 1950s. There have been all laundry services you dish usually putter all baskets yourself a ticket to them. They did all the work and then you picked back up. There were all laundry places that did your laundry for you and there's many reasons for this either yielded little laundromat you have a washer dryer yourself right or you'd. Lol doing laundry what's that. You jog. About six hours and I don't know that I'd go to. A lot Matt. Very good stuff. Are lazy she works two jobs how much money does that cost you annaly. Aren't her. And I think we're currently. Now is just you. So does not too bad that I imagine all right throw us the number I want the number annaly. OK so now yeah it's been about 25 the laundromat yeah. I've. I sold for another ten dollars it's clean folded and ready to go. She asks. You are out. You are children imagine having that data presented to you how many close do you wash. So he's pounding her laundry to be a lot more because you know well not her sure wears one now for the. Catcher rule that's might well turn laundry is the better right now I have three Lois I still need to follow the problem. If you tip the people at Goodyear logic that you with a brutal way as well that Bruce just asked rob shall clean laundry should have fold the laundry but you won't do anything with losing my laundry on her. Union organizer you need a professional organizer which I do have that. They didn't well might not how it would be. Well there you go 35 bucks we did your laundry cleaned. Folded it delivered back to your house that would that is a lazy as some of our other. Hours away. No more. I think that they can now living and care free life viewed do. Iowa four hours a day and producing a morning Joseph and then go home here Randy pond bonds. Soap operas and. I martyrs have been around for amber staff the oldest one closed just recently after being business for a 140 years would you call people lived a 140 years ago lazy. Now okay. But all the fast food yourself don't order fast food from an I created by Henry okay.