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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the Entercom San Diego radio stations and Gary late. There are various agencies and organizations helping seniors here in San Diego County. West healthy is one of those organizations. They're dedicated to helping seniors age successfully without access to high quality health and support services that preserve there dignity and quality of life. West health has recently joined forces with the UC San Diego health. To bring the San Diego a whole new concept of emergency care. For seniors joining us this morning as west held executive vice president Tim lash and professor and chair. For the Department of Emergency Medicine at UC San Diego health. Doctor Ted champ welcome Tim welcome doctor champ mourned her. Morning great to have both you on the show this morning. Tim you're the executive vice president at west health let's talk a little background information we can on your organization. Sure happy to first Gary thanks for having Ted and I here today and at west tough I have the privilege of working with partners. Like UC ST health and a tremendous team of professionals within our organization. Decree in Foster new integrated models that improve health outcomes and better address the needs of seniors and their families. By the end of today Adobe. Roughly 101000. News seniors in America and that really is the largest demographic shift in history. And it's putting new pressures on our healthcare system. Gary and Mary west who are two very successful on two per Norris and pioneer philanthropists. Made a commitment to have a significant positive impact on the lives of our nation's seniors. They understood first towns many of the challenges of aging and know that specifically. Vulnerable seniors are low income seniors do not have the resources to age successfully today. Through their philanthropy and they established to Gary and Mary west foundation as well as west health. Which are related organizations dedicated to one mission and that mission is to enable seniors. To successfully age living life on their own terms with access to high quality health and support services to preserve and protect the dignity. Quality of life and independence and is just located here San Diego right west health because it is not a national. No organization so the west tells institute. Is one of the organizations within west house using medical research organization based in La Hoya here in San Diego. To Gary and Mary west foundation is based in Solana Beach and we have a policy center located in downtown Washington DC. Certainly there is a focus in developing models here in San Diego men can enable more successful agent for seniors and their families. But our research and our policy work really is aimed at national. Impact we have a huge demographic shift as I said. And that the challenges the challenges big and it and then it will take significant resources and a national focus. To ultimately. Achieve our mission and wanna talk a little bit about some of those challenges and little bit but first what what is your background. And so my mind I I bring two west house. Perspective from. The for profit world prior to joining west house I've been here a little bit under four years. Held a variety of leadership roles at Johnson & Johnson looking at. How this day can better meet the needs of the population at a global scale both with. Pop product medical devices and pharmaceuticals as well as service offerings. I started my career in management consulting. So is at and he always been then in the the health care management I really spent my career and health care than ever okay and what wasn't the drew you west health. There is such an opportunity Gary's who think and act differently about how we deploy our healthcare resources. It can be very difficult within an organization. Many of the for profit organizations for example. To have the flexibility the agility and to the courage to recreate. The delivery of health care. West health because of the support of Gary and Mary really is a special organization. That. Gives us the resource is the flexibility and the ability to partner with groups like UC San Diego house. To really think differently about. How we're delivering not only in medical resources and all of the other facets of care that are so important like nutrition. And from what I understand. The foundation. Gary merry west foundation. Has been has awarded I should say is that some 400 grants. Over the years which has resulted in Gary and Mary west senior wellness center and the Gary and Mary west. Senior dental center that's correct so over since its founding the Carey and Mary west foundation has awarded more than 400 grams total laying over a 175. Million dollars and then one of the flagship Francis you mentioned. Which the creation of Gary and Mary west senior wellness center. If provides access to nutritious meals and a range of social services and supports thirty nonprofit organizations operating under one roof. Certainly we we know that medical care is critical but when you think about successful aging. Health behaviors social economic factors even the physical environment is is very important and the Gary and Mary US senior wellness center. Makes the most of every interaction that they have we have a senior. To ensure that we thing comprehensively and holistic clean about their needs. One need that often. Those underserved and and overlooked in today's system. Is the importance of oral health the mouth is the the window to health it's though the window to our body. And scary Mary saw a real opportunity to. Hi expands the senior center with the creation of the Gary and Mary west senior dental center. This is one of a first of its kind in San Diego and we believe nationally where. While locating it community dental center inside of a wellness center. So that we can have high quality and affordable. Dental care under the same roof where they access. The other facets of assistance and how that are so vital to them. And the wellness center and dental senate they're both open now they were both open now and we'll where's that located. This is senior dental center and to think Aaron Mara swell on the center. Is centrally located in downtown San Diego at 15254. Avenue. OK and I think I saw something on on your website about that well in the senate that this is not your your grandparents. Wellness center that is not series and there you there they provide them two meals a day 365. Days a year now as I mentioned there's social services and health and wellness services. But there's also a computer lab and social interaction. Through through yoga. Enabling seniors to stay engaged. Is is absolutely critical and as we age. Care giving becomes important and there's an opportunity. For seniors to support and care for each other which they do every day and thank our Mary west's senior center and is an open to any seniors San Diego County or is it low income certainly there is a population. The low income senior that faces unique challenges and the senior center is located geographically. Now on transportation. And in downtown San Diego to deliver the services that to those who need it most. For the senior center is open to to any senior in into in San Diego to access those resources. And and the big question because so what what a senior is what the ages of the senior. Varies depending on who you talk to what is it what is the age that at west health considers to be senior. Sure so from a policy perspective it is a very important distinction and as we. Our focus our work. The use the age of 65 is what is used for us to define senior. That being said. No one's checking driver's licenses at the media at the door. It really is focused on insuring. Those that need these social services and nutrition and and a more comprehensive. Approach to their health and well being have access to them and you know that. That need is most acute and most prevalent for those over 65 but certainly someone that in the vicinity would not be turned away. And and as you mentioned it's it is it's an unfortunate situation that's going on with seniors right now the challenges that there. They're facing a saw that two out of five seniors who live here. Have to choose between rent and food and I've had other organizations that serve at the senior community and and I hear that all the time. That that is one of the biggest things that they that seniors are faced with now. That's correct there's there's many difficult decisions that seniors have to make every day you mentioned. You know ram and and and food as one of them or how often is is another decision you'd. Seniors are forced am I going to fill my medication or my going to try to access high quality. I dental parent and these are these are individuals that helped build this country and were making them make choices. That no one should have to make. And your dental center what does what programs of what services they offer. There's just basic dental care. No so very Carey Mary US senior center one of the centro facets of its model is to make the most of every interaction as I said. Nutrition is supplied. But once the seniors Darryl one can do so much more when you can touch someone you can link them with the services that they need. The same model applies to the Karen Mary west dental center where as part of the intake a comprehensive. Geriatric assessment is performed. And the links are made not only to the appropriate oral health care that they require. With the links remain to social war. And other asset other social services that would be important to ensuring a successful outcome for an individual and for their camps source not your basic. Dental office is not your basic dental office at his side is a model that we hope to demonstrate. I'm here in San Diego and then leverage those learnings and and that demonstration to inform policy and and to enable others throughout the country to replicate it and again and as with your wellness center. Now open to any senior in San Diego County the dental center. The senior center and the dental center are open to any senior intended. All right now a senior population. Growing here in San Diego and around the country and in our seniors are in in a San Diego County. Any figures on that. Either review I believe his thoughts 0% immune depends again on your your definition over age 65. Or not to refuse another definition. Focus and and of course that the increased population of seniors resulting in of various challenges in health care. What are some of those challenges that that seniors are facing when it comes to health care I mean we touched on a little bit. Any other challenges that you let technique you know apart you know medicine has been very successful in treating a lot of chronic diseases diabetes. High blood pressure heart disease and and many many of these older patients have many of these co morbidity is or multiple diseases so there. They're at risk when there at home for having exacerbation. Withers is their asthma or you know worsening of their diabetes. Forcing their kidney function. So unlike the young healthy people. They have a higher risk for having me you lose certain diseases and certain chronic conditions that can worsen on any given day. And with the the increased. Population also now to that and west health has collaborated with UC San Diego health for new senior emergency care unit. First off doctor Chan tells a little bit about UC San Diego here sure UC San Diego health has been in San Diego for a just felt it years since the university was first established. We provide care at two major hospitals one at Hillcrest. And one in the lawyer region. And where recently having a new hospital that's being built also in the lawyer region. So we're very proud geared to be yet to collaborate with west help on what we think is a very important. Health care and social problem that our communities facing in this nation's facing growing. And is that the add new hospital that you building in La Hoya is that where the emergency care units going to be. So that's part of it we have an emergency department our existing hostile than new hospital actually connect. And in the space that is connecting we will be building a new geriatric. Or senior. Emergency care unit. Again with the full support of Gary and Mary west whom we're very thankful for this Klauer ration to have this collaboration come about. So I think a number of years ago you know west helped when they initially started we're looking at different community groups and what sort of innovations in health care could take place and somehow we got connected to have possibly because of proximity. We're very you know both it's usually a fairly close in proximity to each other. And as through old you know fair amount of conversation as. With health began to focus on this important issue aging we said Malloy and our emergency department particularly low Hoya one out of every four patients we see is over the age 65 now we're seeing that population grow we're seeing those patients coming. With very complex chronic medical conditions as well as. Social conditions are social determines that have a lot of impact on our health. This is something that he really takes a lot of resources and really beyond just emerges apartment but within the community to address. For this population so I think the sort of collaboration was born out of that. How long he'd be in the UC San Diego site came down here in 1993 just for residency training finished up in 96 I've stayed with that. He's he San Diego working emergency department as a professor and a physician. There since that since that time and over those twenty years I've seen a lot of changes in what we see of the patients that we CR emergency department. And definitely we're seeing an older population and older population a lot of challenging medical conditions as well as some of the social. Challenges that Tim mentioned in cruising are they able to get housing or the bit where they able to get their next meal. And those are some things get back and am very in big impact on an individual's health. And what field of medicine you and I mean emergency medicine okay. So this new emergency care unit. Has has sent round and broken yet for. They ground who has not been broken yet where maybe. Six months away from breaking ground it at the state has very specific regulations you have to submit your plan for any expansion to a hospital to the statement and they state. Anywhere from six to eight months to review that's a word in that process right now but. One day I should mention is. You know it's not just the physical space in fact may be the physical space is the least important part of this senior carrier what we're in the process right now is straining our staff our nurses our physicians are technicians. On how are you care for the seniors. And what do you look for for seniors because many times we may not pick up that early stage dementia when a patient comes though. But if we train our staff to do that we might be able pick up. Some cognitive issues that if you put that patient in it did you get them the resources that they need so that they can address that issue and in not be at risk for further deterioration. One when they go home. So it's really not as much the physical space that's really the key the key is really. Training our people in a mindset of how we deliver care in emergency department for seniors and so this emergency unit is is going to be specifically. For seniors in San Diego County it's going to be specifically for seniors yes cocaine Indiana projected. Date is when you might open so we're looking for. We have left Hobbs Aryeh before they can send physical space may not be the key people who have an area that we will get when the new hospital opens that we intend to you. Institute many of the policies and practices that we've been training our staff for. And so we're looking basically if fall October November timeframe. To really ramp that up in men and Ali you're from then we'll have the physical space that. Tim mentioned the new we've talked about enters that the Gary Mary US senior emergency care unit at DC a ST. Gary and important thing to have to that is that impacted this we'll have. You think for seniors in San Diego is tremendous. With the demographics and those statistics that had cited for UC ST health. Mir that nationally so across the country. Roughly 25%. Of that total emergency department visits arm by seniors and that number's expected to double. By 2030 and this partnership between myself. And UC ST how. Really represents an opportunity where San Diego is leading the way in developing research and training. You CST. That we'll have a broad impact across the country. And as a so a want of a kind timing and their other. That you know of other emergency units like this that are specifically for seniors. Very important. Teri Hatcher emergency medicine has been. Increasing. Importance and priority. In that academic medical. Circles for some time. I across the country I don't know the exact number but there are. There are several academic institutions that have started to deploy dedicated emergency departments that are more appropriate for. Are capable of meeting the needs. Of seniors. Gary Mary west's senior emergency department will be collaborating with those two share learnings and ensures that we move forward in a coordinated ways to to benefits our seniors across the you know the our college the American college rumors as physicians did a survey. And study looking at this geriatric. Emergency. Units across the country. There are maybe a hundred but many of them are not really focused on innovation and research and really provide them care that the seniors these it's more like pay. But non slick floors in. So and maybe you know they brightened up lighting. And they call themselves a geriatric emergency department but that's not what we are talking about here what we're really talking about here is a unit. That provides emergency care for seniors that really thinks of the seniors in terms of their comprehensive care needs and they're there and in addressing those needs. More than just the physical plant that makes sense so staff trainees important. And as Tim mentioned for us as being a university in academic setting we're focused now on providing clinical care but also teaching. Future doctors future nurses. About the best approach interest of providing care as well as disseminating that across the country whatever the best practices is so that we can have a bigger impact than just what we do here and our. Local community here in San Diego. So again like that like through wellness center of the west health senior wellness center and mcdannold senate's it's not just about. The health of the medical aspect. As far as the emergency care unit goes it encompasses that this senior. And there and their entire life basically what what's going on there like right exactly I think you know. Many of the process that the challenges when they come to Denver's front they've acute illness but that that cumulus might be traced back to you. A social problem that is they maybe they can get a meal. They have some element of malnutrition. And that led to use some real failure or kidney disease that now has led them to an acute presentation emergency department boom we need to think about. The challenges. Back all the way at the French and of lead which led to this emergency department visit to see we can address the underlying problem. And basically improve the health of the individual and their ability to care for themselves. And again this would be open to any seniors San Diego County that is correct yes and emerges from this open 24/7. All the time for any patients when somebody walks in is not. In the 65 year range and up category they did they get turned away or did they do not get our our senior unit is basically connected to our emergency departments so it's part of the emergency parts as a cessation they've become anyone they don't they come in 9099 years old we CO mall in the emergency Arctic. Here's the other point is worth highlighting is that. Terror that is appropriate for seniors it's also care that is appropriate for those of us that have yeah that are still on that journey right so the learnings will certainly improve the lives of seniors and their families at this morning's wall so. We believe improve the emergency care for all of us. Grateful that I mean this this sounds like in an incredible. Thing that you got going. That will be a part of San Diego. And the senior community der tremendously excited that sounds pretty and really for the country I mean the viewed this collaboration west felt we. We we appreciate all that they're doing in terms of supporting and trying to change of their network of how we provide care for seniors in this country. And and again you're looking at possibly went around 2018 for the actual physical but I structure but we are planning this fall to implementing the policies in the care processes. Four seniors. That we blew party in the processes are training our staff on. Okay now now we mentioned earlier that west health. Another part of west health issue or. Policy center that's correct and that's in Washington as Washington DC tells a bit about that. So that they have the policy center really insurers that dumb the models of excellence that we earned points for example with UCSD in the researchers had we had conduct. Is done a way that can inform. The policy discussion and both the state and though the federal level. Effort for seniors. Some of this is thinking and acting differently. In terms of how we deploy the resources that are available to very good news is we don't necessarily need you know a breakthrough of any drug or. The development of a new device we need to have more coordinated. And holistic approach to managing not only the medical but the broader needs of the senior and that will require. Some policy changes some of them Gary in Maris policy center. In Washington DC. Has. Research capability. To ensure that our our work in these demonstrations. Reflects that policy agenda. And they can take the learnings. And the findings and the data. And bring them to DC. To help move the policy agenda and and remove barriers to these models of care if they exist so that seniors can age more successfully what are some of the research projects that west health policy center is working on now him so as as Saddam. As part of the of the geriatric emergency department initiative one area where that were particularly interest to them. It is in Indiana flying home and community based alternatives to admitting someone to the hospital. The west tough policy center has been very involved in. Some of the innovation projects that have I've been going on N com under. See a mass focused on enabling home based primary care. We've done research in that space both operationally to understand. How what makes these practices. Sustainable. And we've done economic research tough more fully characterize. The savings that are associated. With these models and just last month there was a bill introduced. To the senate to make independence at home demonstration project of Herman benefit. For Medicare beneficiaries sets an example of how. We take him the perspective and knowledge of though the policies and in DC to inform our research and take the findings from that research. Back to the policy makers to inform on the policy for seniors across the country and enlist help visit is a nonprofit isn't. West how is nonprofit. And if somebody wants to help you with your mission how they go about doing that. Charge our web site is. Great resource. West health dot org and there. That there is information that can help. The listeners stay informed as to the great work that's happening here in San Diego and across the country. And there's information on on how to get involved. McCain and you want social media let's tell we are and doctor Chan what about you see. San Diego house right we have a web site health dot UC ST dot edu. Now I know there are lots of opportunities for. Philanthropy at the university and and with the with health care and healthcare focused on seniors. The so you just of that website and take a look at that and maybe the most important thing you tell your listeners as aging is gonna affect everybody on a personal level whether you're the person who ages hopefully we all successfully aged. In or whether you're the caretaker. Taking care of somebody I you know I took care my collar his medical needs says towards the end of his life when he was in and out of the hospital lot. I can imagine it is for somebody who doesn't have a medical care back and how challenging back can be. Just for the caretaker as well. So we're all gonna be touched by this issue and the more we we we can study this and we know that we need to provide a comprehensive. Approach towards taking care of our seniors and really taking care of ourselves. Whether or the senior the caretakers so I knew I would death. You know encourage everybody to think about that thing about your neighbors who are seniors think about your family members are seniors and reach out to them and make sure they're doing OK and see what needs they have themselves. As we all get older right. And and Tim. Again where's your the senior wellness center located. Chart this year what wellness center is located downtown San Diego at 15254. Avenue and I'd encourage the listeners to. Be engaged I'll look for opportunities to help seniors successfully to look for opportunities. To make San Diego and creative community. Get involved you can volunteer at the Gary and Mary west's senior on the senator. And most importantly stay informed and I think. The UC ST health website. West health dot org. Provide tremendous amount of information to stand formed. Unsuccessfully to and a somebody wants to volunteer can give that can they get that information and on how to do that at your website they can and is there any training that is involved with volunteers for the senior wellness center. With over thirty nonprofits operating. Under one roof there is numerous volunteer opportunities and training you know ultimately is dependent on the role that the individual wants to take on. OK Tim doctor Jan thank you for being on the show today thank you for all you do for the senior population here in San Diego County. Thank your book think here. That includes another addition of living better in San Diego the opinions expressed on living better in San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management. Of the Ana com San Diego radio stations episodes of living better in San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guest will be from the adult family home agency. Until then I'm Gary they have a great week.