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Good morning and welcome to another addition of living veterans San Diego a public service presentation of the and a count San Diego radio stations and Jerry Lee. Volunteers of America southwest is dedicated to helping individuals and families improve their quality of life and realize their true potential. They do this through various programs and services which we will talk about today. Joining us this morning as volunteers of America southwest director of mission advancements in communications. Brad Bianchi and community administrator for their Palomar apartment housing complex I can think fast. Welcome Brad welcome Mike thank you. It's good to us at both the on the show this morning. Had a rent from a volunteers America's southwest on I believe it was late last year if I'm not mistaken it was the president and CEO Gerald fan and any relation to you Micah absolutely that is fine. Yes let's start with a little background information if we could about volunteers of America your part of a national organization right. Yes that's true we are one and a 34 affiliates. And Denham we operate in San Diego area primarily. We are a 120 years old so this year we celebrate their 120 part. Yes exciting time to breaks and time. And you you're not just San Diego County right now that's correct now we're not we also need inland empire. Pass him energy new area we actually our footprint of the selfless theory goes from sell southern part of aren't counting. And out all the way to the coast and those in Arizona well Arizona it is yes she kept quite a bit of area we did we don't we don't currently have any programs in Arizona right now. And either we don't have any programs also owns Allison and Orange County. We do have that area. If we want to expand and if if I'm not mistaken when when your father was on the show volunteers of America really only does programs that are needed. Absolutely yours that you. There's only volunteers of America only provides programs. In communities where they are most needy. We don't take a drug and alcohol program and put it. Query and hey better service program is so that is our purpose we try to provide the needs of the community. And what is the mission. Of them volunteers of America the mission of volunteers of America is to inspire hope to our ministry servants are providing individuals and families with the tools. To improve their quality. How many people do you think you serve. A year one example we we serve over thirteen thousand individuals a year that fact at a time of San Diego and go to bed tonight. 740. People pass through our programs and our kitchen itself will serve an average of 15160. Meals per day. In and the meals that you serve those. People in your housing units are or who who's getting them whether to benefit that their people needs of people in our programs and school lunches that's. I know we're gonna talk about them you're housing Palomar whom we can't Palomar apartment housing but before we do that let's let's talk about some the other services. That of volunteers of America southwest provides and again you you only provide services here in San Diego. That are needed in in a particular communities its serves so. Let's start with you behavioral health programs because it tells little bit about what it is that you offer. In that area. Right so the talk little about our our two programs. Primarily in San Diego are true or senator for support of living. And dad and his a licensed or in care facility for men and women aged fifteen and 1859. They struggle with chronic mental illnesses. Forty bed facility it's people who primarily. With disabling conditions. It's supported living program that offers individuals shelters supportive services skill development and art therapy is well. And and how does how does somebody get into. One of these programs of yours for for instance this particular program talking about this is there a waiting list for that and and what kind of processes involved. Well there's one boarding process no doubt no I didn't screen and as a whole series and factors that we'll have to consider as we take someone who would program. Depending on what can you needed it's okay and and another program that Cuba. That you have you have addiction treatment and rehabilitation. That's correct so we also have a Renaissance treatments and that is 120 bed facility it's a multi dimensional residential treatment program. And that's designed to address the issue is this an issue of substance abuse and addiction so we're not talking just alcoholism. And drug dependency and that's correct that's correct. It's in residential with a licensed residential program carries. Three options for both men and women detoxification. Short term care and how long term care. And intake process. The same thing they're vetted in and what any special requirements. There's a vetting process that's in place while they're there they're gonna go through a whole series of different steps of the program. And and and particularly through the program so they have access to medical clinic. And there's addiction groups in his computer literacy classes this employment assistance and mental health counseling as well. They also provide a dress for success program at the Renaissance in which I believe it is one of our. Better programs here because they're for they're giving these individuals a chance to get back into society teach him how to use a computer keys to to feel Carney. Job application things of that nature so Obama think that we're providing ads mention. Our mission statement providing individuals with tools to improve their quality. And ended these the folks that are coming in let's say from or even even with mental health. Behavioral health programs and addiction treatment programs becoming a lot of homeless coming in terms of those services or apps. More so then then done more so than a ball to a two to three years ago. Oh there's as you as we don't know parents and others. Big problem with the homeless as you see downtown but volunteers of America taken strides into providing different outlets for these individuals come to our programs that we are appearance. Do you have any this specifically for for the homeless here's San Diego. I'm on the mental health science so much is as veterans so the veterans we have two primary sources to help the patriots' first of all have our outreach program. Bush actually go out onto the streets talked to the veterans find out who's homeless and and whose event and find out when not we can help. And that point we'll try to get in the house and Melinda the other parts of the program we have is our only senator. That's that's a transitional home that we'll take the vets and they'll go for about a year and a half program taught him particularly in graduate at a program trying to get him back and feet. And one thing like that two mentions is that. And it's it doesn't matter what program you call the way that voluntarism America's southwest. Works is if you contact the Palomar apartments. Are homeless or things of that nature. We. Guide you in the right direction we don't just say we don't do it. We will all. I know which in my case I've called plenty of program managers and told him about situations occurred from just a phone call and we've gotten them connected to where they need to be feels Armond other apps absolutely aren't even if it's not a horse right okay. I'll tell you story about our colleague senator happen to me probably about 56 months ago as welcome to the program with them with one my associates. Gentleman stuck in recent where you guys from. A similar from corporate. He says listen I just want to thank you send. A year and a half ago I came into this program. He said I looked around I was dying and I don't want this he said that this place not for me. But he said down you guys really don't know Schilling came in my left I was closing and I was I thought I was losing my site. He says down now and gotten an OK I need he said I've gotten some similar done I've got a pension and you know I was entitled to. Got to go only job and Ambien and they arrange housing from. So his tennis from I think as those kind of stories that are coming out of our facility. That are attaching managed they showed us that we're right track. That's great and now that you mention medical and dental is that something that you provide it at Villa Paula veteran center it's more something that we coordinate. Just the veterans services and different resources we have available. So we will find the resources to get them what they need. Through a program managers not facility. And as is there a waiting list to get into that program to into the center. There can get right now that program just a doubtful. And there are times when as a wing snap program as well. And instead it's transitional housing and assistance designed to get him back and feet to give them. We keep talking about giving them the tools that's really what we're trying to do we're trying to give people tools. So that they can be self sufficient. And when they leave. Do you find it some veterans come back after they leave that the program Aaliyah. To come back and actually give their story and and speaking of veterans that have come into the program speaking. There'll testimony and you know testimony. For the programs LT others and actually help the others that are inherent in the program so weakened that that's a great touch in its. It's helped out tremendously. That's always always much better when you can when you can relate to since then threw it absolutely. You mentioned also meals meet you that of volunteers of America southwest provides. It's healthy meal program. But what is it that you provide what but kind of deals you've fine if I would assume it's on the healthy side you know. Absolutely no annual program. The chefs there it runs that facility is a shift that's been an around San Diego with some fine restaurants. And he has in particular four for nutrition and meals and a few runs are really really efficient kitchen. We've had news crews through there who have been able to see some lower do we do but you're right the meals are designed to go out and nutritious meals we're not. Talking about you know wrong types of food for people and we also we provide these meals for programs as well. So it's important at least we provide the right guy. And and their only available then. For these particular programs can can somebody somebody off the street someone who's homeless who knows now volunteers American they come inning get a meal. We don't turn people. That's what I was just about to mention if someone were to walk up to our doors in the old. Volunteer tumor itself but Dolan the individuals within the company would stop but it went to help and it lets me. So we are gonna. Yeah we're and we're not seen this will be continuous thing where you come every day price we will take an opportunities helping women who walks through our doors there was an instance where and I was working at the corporate office where young lady she walked into the corporate office. She didn't have any shoes on line. You know. Going to some party talks he really going to some hard targets in. This is when I first started with archers America and RIZ I took notice to this because one of the individuals within the corporate office. Took time out of their day to sit down talk to the individual. Although we can give her any money or anything of that nature that individual took the time to go down to a tuition story here in mission valley and bought the police actions that brought them back to that she would ask its shoes and feet and our walk and walk around the community here. I mean girls and a type. Type of things that I don't know it's a student indebtedness when we come into this organization where you're here to help individuals in the community. Simplest thing that's very very caring staff absolutely absolutely I mean for that individual to do something like an end to end it wasn't. For credit or anything of that nature. I'll watch that person off the corner of Mario Washington do and they literally took that person and went down the street obamacare issues but it held a moment beyond huddled up and BR and then he can't read anything like that. That's great now now we've mentioned. Several different housing units. With with as far as veterans and and you behavioral health programs that housing a big part of what you what you guys do it and volunteers of America and one of your housing units. Is for low income and less Palomar apartments in Chula Vista tell us about that Micah. Absolutely absolutely. Telemar apartments. Is an affordable. Housing. Program. Where we provide needs to moderate and middle income families we have 12 and three bedroom. Apartments within the complex we have two. Larger facilities could also provide three played facilities well. Currently at the present time we have a waiting list and that's due to Palomar. Apartments providing great services to residents that live here. The main goal at Palomar premises to provide the most comfortable environment for residents. To call home during the stay with us. We take pride in classes we offer. It broadened the horizons of our residents families and also create possibilities for them to grow outside of the poem it's. Remember we mentioned providing tools to improve their quality of life. So when I mentioned that I mean I'd classes in things such as we have. Well on this fear that we did April 16. Where individuals came out. From the community provided dental screenings we also have another group that came compromised patients wearing this Puerto. We also had a Zune but class during that well atmosphere and we also head. A healthy. Cooking course that was provided for residents. So. As you see we care about the residents that are at our Palomar apartments. We also have intro to computer classes that we provide for residents because we have a lot of elderly residents are complex so. A lot of which had never touched a computer you know so are after school teacher comes in and provides an intro. To computers class on Thursday's every week for our residents speak nor after school program which I'm. Very proud. We do those on Monday Wednesday and Friday from three to 630. Every day. Every Monday wins in party mean this helps our kids in the community that's. The kids our future. So we try to help them as much as we keen to be successful in their school. And these were all kids that are a part of of the power it's absolutely now you as you mentioned before went on the air you mentioned it that. You you go above and beyond also the winter with the community out there this that you that's you actually provide certain services just for the community absolutely what. A couple of years ago there was a program that we put together called the success in a backpack program. And this is where we the Palomar permits. Joined forces with other community members and we raise money to. Provide a hundred free backpacks filled with school supplies to the Palomar residents but we also branched out and reached out to our. Chula Vista community. At least 200 people showed that day. We we didn't have because I expect him out. But. We said this year that we will work harder to you know expand and from a hundred to maybe a 150 to maybe two under if possible slow. That is our goal to provide these kids with. A backpack filled with school supplies you know. I strongly believe. If you would include you fielded and you have a great attitude column and so we wanna. Instill that in the children at Palomar apartment so that when they go to school band just with pencil and have the protector they have a ruler of the race so they can't help but be successful. Everything that they need absolutely to be successful at at. Tell this is really really powerful program Monica started a couple of years ago we were unable to do it this year and gnashing of the tissue we've expanded it so it will actually go out to. Are battling ten academy will actually be supplying backpacks there. As well as early head start so we're back happily funded on this right now the first black ops go out on July 15 two participants at Palomar but this is just it's a really really powerful prone. It's the beginning I mean I believe is gonna get bigger and bigger each year after. You see the smile from the parents and kids you got to remember this is affordable housing. These individuals don't have that extra funds to take the kids to a baseball game or two. You know to do the exit things for the keys so if we can step in and fill that gap. That's what we're here to do it. And went right in this partnership with Palomar apartments begin with the volunteers of America. Will volunteers of America software that's manages the Palomar apartments in 1972. That was the year that it was built. In 2009 that was the year was remodeled. And now we're at a four affordable housing we've been pushing along and it's been working out tremendously from the community. In and that cost of living in in San Diego and had not an easy thing now deficit and keep the lived here so this is a great service. And just providing absolutely I mean with a one bedrooms anywhere from 620. Square feet. The range for a one bedroom apartment it's anywhere from 750. Dollars to 900 dollars. That's pretty good for the San Diego area at two bedroom anywhere from 900 to a thousand dollar mark. And and on which three rooms and any special requirements and it is low income so what does the does the financial. Parameters Anderson trying to get into it. Or actually mark if you. We do a background check on the individuals put we do accept section eight its whale. But anyone that applies if you fit with your feet within them low income to moderate income. You can apply to Pelham apartments. McCain and you do have a awaiting this absolutely sir. As I mentioned before there's a lot of individuals who lived in the complex and people wanna move from for a pretty you know they were not moved the services we provide as I mentioned this tremendous within the Palomar apartments and people. Feel went cold and is there is there a timeframe that they can stay there. I will soar no sorry if you qualify watcher in the door. We don't. Try to push you out there but which we try to provide the tools for you to form. It and transition into here you know you're normal. And take your views this year. And this is this is some what you do bear some of the things you do at this apartment complex. Far above and beyond. Again what would a lot of apartment complexes and in San Diego. San Diego County do like you say those classes in congress and the after school program you have a financial literacy class students. Absolutely sir we've teamed up with Bank of America where they come out and provide service to our residents. To teach individual how to balance a checkbook. How to put money away for a rainy day. As I mentioned before we cherish our residents and maintain happy lasting relationship with them but the goal was always. And always will be to transition them out of our service and independent financial position. Wherever they me about. And your getting them that opportunity assembly of the initial save money to get out on their own counsel is among those tools for. To improve the quality improvement and hope so. With us and terrific partners by our power line. And another partner has been no this Banco is trying to escape the 5000 dollar grant to afterschool program. Which we've we've really appreciate his supporters. And down that Bank of America and individual donors we've been able to do some great things and afterschool program. Nothing I'd say about it is that Mike is Pollyanna little. Modest. We we clones turn around kid. As communion ministry for pal Mark Harmon said. His leadership has completely revitalized the apartment complex the communion slipped him receiving excellence in housing warned 2000 that thing. Isn't always on those. But he's gonna hands on approach and and he treats all the residences is found and it's it's really need to say it's it's not uncommon to come out of that facility and see him reaching his pocket and and then an ice cream for them for the accuser on them here. It's not uncommon for them to follow him to his client and talk to him asking questions and so it's a really really great community and so it's all because of his leadership. Greatly appreciate it. And congratulations. Thank you so on on the award that's that's great says a lot. Out for you and and Alomar apartments especially response I would assume from from the residence there is is. Positive absolutely everyone has a smile on the face I mean of course you can't satisfy every one you know they'll have their day where there will be bothered by it. Overall. Our residents are very happy as I mentioned we provide a clean safe comfortable environment. How these individuals. Can you borrowed and a nonprofit. And you just mentioned that you got a grant for the after school program at Palomar. Before we we talk about that and if somebody wants to. Or somebody needs housing and and they fit into what it is that you. Provide so how would they get on that waiting list. Actually. And are you would do is call or come into the facility we have a package that will have you fill out and switch on the witness and pack this forest to a back. Of course you wanna do the screen so that we can that you know as soon as possible if you. So it's as simple as that come in on mean opening your mouth pants and I mean and what's your dress. The address is 171. Palomar street. Chula Vista, California. 91911. The phone number is 61. Four to 6630. Theory and you can also visit us on the volunteers of America software's web site. And it gives you all of our programs that we are in all of our facilities yes. Okay and and so now now funding. Aside from grass like Mikey mentioned from that particular bank that's helping with the after school program where else do you get your funny. We get it from. From local sources of federal government's. Community government state governments and community and Lotta times. We seek more more private funders as we go forward. Private individuals who come forward and donate some capacity. Community banks have been a great partner them. Dimensional this thing just recently. Our board of directors is very very much involved is as well. With China helped out Palomar. This backpack program the success in the backpack program the boards taking a leadership on that and you've reached out to. And they're network of peoples and and seeking help for support for that program. And quickly we got halfway funded what we're not quite there yet and a full we will get this out program funded. We might as leadership will benefit Palomar I'm again for infants. So to answer your question who rely on a bunch of different sources. One of our big ones is ours celebrity golf. Tournament yes we raise money. Two and a tremendous amount of money from. A great. Project that we put on word 2016. Celebrity golf classic. It will be hailed it Rancho Bernardo country club. And that is since September 12. And it's a wonderful time for individuals come on now meets celebrity shaking hands with other business and CEOs in the community. Mean it's just a great car just a great time we were there to provide Corey. Round of golf for individuals. And it's not just come morning and mr. Manning or anything like that we've put agreed in line we. Provided great day of golf and just laughter and French. And and the money that's raised from from this event. Goes right back in two volunteers of America southwest doesn't go national right question that's definitely that's one thing that people should know that they give to. Bulge his America's southwest it's going right in your community it's not handed off to another part of the country it's going. Right than in their communities in outlying areas as well we just past does does the money from city golf classic does that is that earmarked for any one particular. Program or location or just goes into not just America's southwest and then those words it's neatly exactly. Actually last year we for the first year or celebrity golf and we need to Cohen a project where we need one that provide if you go from from colleagues there. Mean it took all singing and I'm proud to sing that we the raise enough men to get a two year lease. Scorer Adrian for heart holly facility to to transport these individuals to option things of that nature so. I was really pleased with them when we race from that. And that's on top. Money that we raise from the excellent. As separate entity where we got a two year lease for one of our programs are great it's wonderful. Now somebody wants to sign up for the golf tournament golf class if they can do that that you website absolutely yes that's easiest way we also have another part of that and golf event which is on our hero program. So that's a 200 dollar donation and what that does is it and we take the hero's name we be present in different areas of the golf course and and some of them lose Sherron and Martina will do so that's a great way to honor hero and to support the event which goes back into the volunteers of America problems. And honoring hero doesn't just mean the military services although we include that as well but honoring bureau can be your father you could be your grandfather. Could be a teacher. And so we wanted to provide an opportunity for you'd think someone who you really. Do believe escalated I'm glad that you mentioned a lot of people do think when you see. Honoring your they usually do you think it serves excellent absolutely so this is for every. Party chief do. Posted it's important the point now a thousand. We say. People say to us what is volunteers of America do their their first instinct is it that we're volunteer program that lead and get together volunteers and hand them out to everybody that's not exactly what we've done. The most important thing is to realizes that we have over twenty different programs that we run. Ourselves. And we're very proud of those programs we're proud to share his story as well. Comedy is our program to Nizar impacting your local community. And you do have volunteers though and asked me what. You know volunteers are about the backbone of many if not all nonprofits so what what kind of volunteer opportunities we just spent at a time what kind of club volunteer opportunities. Do you offer and volunteers of America. Well it's difficult question though what we try to do is if someone wants to volunteer we asked him to get in contact with us let us know with a little expertise is what sort of volunteer their money doing that we maximum width and programs. So we have a particular program needs help what are we have a project that we're putting on we'll try to match up to exactly what might be. For instance we need volunteers for a celebrity golf event coming up September 12 I think I hit a good told her ahead. An NF summit last make donations to. Help you if you mission you do that to outside counsel is so easy and and what is your website address. Volunteers of America southwest you can type in VO KSW. And then we'll take it right to give it to a side dot com or dot org doesn't look great DNA RUS social media. This via FaceBook. Twitter so we are keeping your social media as well all right Brandon and Micah thank you being on Saturday thanks for all you do in the community thank you thank you. That concludes another addition of living better and San Diego the opinions expressed are living better and San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management. Of the and it comes San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's web site. Join me next week when my guess will be from solutions for change. Until then. I'm Gary late have a great week.