Visiting With Local Girl Scouts

Monday, July 25th


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But in the meantime really a chance to sit and talk to some Girl Scouts about. Of all the things are doing on summer vacation this year so what's your name running and they guiana patriotic award goes on troop are you managing a bag I'm guessing your in 2064. Have you here on producers staffer I don't consort and so far pretty good. I heard that you when I trip what did you do. Went to Las Vegas really the only when I mean I knew it didn't really saying any yeah. So you're a winner by the way high five you go to Vegas and come back for money that's always get things a what does somebody your age do in Las Vegas and curious Cologne we make Su and I'm Siegfried and Roy's secret carrying womb. What was great about that show that the secret I'll. Yeah I'm not a popular. Hi Sarah what's her name IED. I Eden I am going to going to Seattle to meet a junior bridesmaid form I got my very own land. I'll address yeah definitely in your face just lit. You are so excited and you have been wedding before I didn't I think play inside this and say time and I was asked Larry Brown well have you ever thought about becoming a professional attendees thorough way. Yeah and I think you have I think you have a good future have you how free and and you've done six. I think I think you should start booking yourself. Got down six weddings you're you right many insects that's awesome was the best part about getting the Jesse Ventura by the way I strain on my swing dancing and then she. They're now paying a collision silly suddenly clicking in the near a turning on them going to finish up. Did you have a disagreement at all with the bride on which stress you light in which when she wanted you to where they only does mom pretty nice. As soon as it's like you couple that I just from them toning it. There's between boys and girls astounds me to this day can you imagine the feeling young son I can only imagine because I don't let. Can you imagine bringing your kids you're young son to act to try and twenty different suits your wedding huh. How long would that take before you completely lost his mind that. Oh yeah they've rice twenties differences. No way.