USO's Holiday By The Bay Opening Ceremony

Wednesday, November 22nd


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The last time we talked to Laura the seal of the San Diego chapter of the US so it was literally his first day ahead Canada at a the fire coronary go good to see Lauren or things. It's it's moving along it's a very steep learning curve and I've got great people all around me and of course this is the best time of year learn. So let's talk about what's happened is a big deal coming up this holiday season. Want to let us explain what's happened with us we you know first of all we just want to thank you on behalf of the US so for Raleigh you do for us. I'm as you know our US so was established back in 1941. By an act to congress and we're here just to strengthen the united states military by connecting. The military active military with their families home and country and right now during the holidays that's what it's all about. Last year we had come over 260. Instances where we gave support to folks through the USO San Diego and over 34000 hours of voluntarism. The holidays are a big part of that. We're gonna have actually come in who's the downtown center she's organized most of this for stick it almost a whole year to do it social science so she is director source on everything that's going on who actually come on Ian. Money and especially how aria the morning and stay in between us your Boston's pretty please what's going on and I know I feel like I at least have my job through the holidays. Feel yeah. Let's talk about what's happening at the Hilton Sydney will be front and a 125 which is a Saturday this is going to be super fine and I'm super pumped to be part of this. We're so excited to have you guys there this is going to be a military opening for the ice skating. I'm that's going to be at the Hilton may frank so ice skating by that they holiday by the day is what their calling and you. It's dollar for every person whose gates comes back to USS San Diego. That means that back goes directly to the service members in the families that are located in San Diego nice fantastic SE excited because Tim is click it come precise. Dinara I can't wait to see them we helped. And so natural but I'll pay the money to do it justice just you. Just to help raise the funds for the US op game if he can hold me up Avandia as a unit. So here's the deal you gonna go ice skating with your family anyway why not do that and know that a dollar per skater goes to help the US so which in turn. Goes help our heroes who are not to be with their families for the holidays. Right I mean that it's a beautiful sat out we're gonna have that military openings a lot of fun things happening while you're there hot chocolate hot fighter. Military families in attendance that were inviting overs so all around that guy is gonna be amazing. But the ice skating is actually that benefits us is from November 24. Into January 1 so any day you could go with November 25 the south work for you and a dollar still goes back to USS San Diego it's perfect. Those are your super busy. I'm busy at all. Really ask him almost rewarding part of your job this the specific event and you know this whole season. I absolutely. Love my job and I've been in jobs where I couldn't say that but I can definitely say that now. Very busy time a year but amazing to see the faces of the people that you can talk directly north so I just. I just wondered remind everyone that attacked what you do with the exposure in the spotlight you're casting on the USO San Diego was so good. John and Tammy you know we don't receive any federal or state funding so what's all through these have a a programs in my aunts. If you have anymore information if you wants more information about those things that and the events that. That Ashley was talking about you go to our website US coast San Diego to okay dot org perfect answer for every yes there are excellent point you Lauren.