Updates From Night #1 of Comic Con

Thursday, July 19th


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A present justices Christmas for you this is Christmas New Year's Thanksgiving Halloween all rolled into one that this where you met. Maybe your future husband someday but definitely the father of your child and beating wall right now is experiencing his first comic con right into. I'm very comfortable position by the way I us. Accountable for Hampshire all right term how is he almost nine months pregnant comic on all lovely at a great time Pakistan. You've got the world's worst poker and I got a miserable and really. So this is a good time for now as you get back with race rain and I enjoy it though because. I couldn't see on my friends these I have a couple friends this is only tiny hearing seed yeah I know there and telling all I know. I got a wrong text from Jess yesterday hey guys on the front of the taco shop what do you neatly like. Sorry wrong taxi out right now. A horrible thing this and to be by the way. Anyway so your friends are in town this is there an annual thing for you just. I don't care if she's thirty months pregnant she might. She's going to go to comic cons gonna talk to her fellow soul mates about what goes down. And who are we talking to here is my friend back and you know people like him make me feel good about myself and what I beaten Mike Dee dump in makes it because they. And that is really encouraging good things that he buys it coming here you met. So what what is it about collecting things from comic con man act from other places that really gets you excited. They're like mini neared trophies that I can display around the house and and his people you know can come in in my house and like now because I've got about it pretty crazy stuff on the walls so. Like crazy thing on your off. To Sorenstam. Sorenstam. Uncle. Very important answer yeah how many soared to this guy have Jimmy higher level what do you think. All let's go attend ten sort Oswald platinum business that kind of fanatical sort guy that I'm doing and it's lower than ten. Lower latency is at six swords on his wall. And he's functional on function at all total swords how many sorties you have an eight. We split the difference Larry yeah. I was really doesn't. Think are important. You implement. Solid now supposedly doesn't swords. The three of them are functional that I just need to put an edge to. They need reasons given that how. Fresh off of. It treaty print and you have a that was only a leg I think that was seven years or eighty dollars it wasn't bad it was an out of this will be at its opening. And housing and a hundred bucks I get a copy myself to determine your soul. Easy as determined yes I still haven't. Doing my desk he would miss out on the greedy print of himself as the terminator and so Johnson really long one yeah right.