Unbattle on the Midway is This Sunday!

Friday, June 23rd


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Morning while in my repeatedly talked to us about the gun battle on the midway. Chela. The embattled project is part cannot obstruct and law and battled their way it's a charity gala. To benefit veterans and active duty service members embattled budget is a nonprofit organization. That provides no cross comforting to backtrack. And active duty service member. In order to reduce the likelihood the first side in a country that money back on particular likes being in which is just outrageous. It's a very sad statistic and we're so grateful that you were bearded. Thing about it so tell us about this event what's gonna happen. Didn't have. And battle on the midway are on June 25 which is Saturday but they can. We'll have music and dancing. And combat that as guest speaker also have that kind of action and we'll have. Celebrity chef. Add insult. Leading at cook up between the force says it got my web site to it the embattled pocket dot org Akron event ticket GL. A good bye which is that ticket sales. Beautiful that's going down on on Sunday and sells it absolutely great time hanging out with a military personnel who about a encouraged to Wear their uniforms are formally uniforms and really appreciate is doing this. Then of course has said that it's I'm. While we appreciate that as any usually get out there before an ego. Yep at all a donation and and even the ticket out is attack it that check a 100% of the money that related goes back to the spectrum that active duty mental health care. Nobody is making money to volunteer base. The US government acorda. All right allow like thank you so much and again that website is the gun battle project dot org you'll have more details and KS ON dot com okay. Thank you we love is always love you back well I thank you for your support and for a what you're doing for men and women thank you.