Two Dudes Talking About the Bachelorette Week 3

Wednesday, June 13th


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I will say one producer just asked if I would do a segment recapping. He weeks bachelor or bad for an episodes I instantly said no not on your life but I I have grown to kind of like this now. Because I like watching men who are more ridiculous sign him. The of that Zulu and his. Oh my goodness. A massive facial wound part of today's quick recap of two dudes talking about the bachelorette. It's awful yeah player has to hang it up because of the bachelorette. Tons of drama it might have been market. The most dramatic. Episode of the bachelorette. After. Welcome back well right now Korea. A bit worried. I answer that worry about what's happening in the world of baca a you know I I think that a lot of those guys lost their man card with the that painted fingernails does especially kind of fitting that Becker forgot one of the dudes name yet using a case in recent days I just. When it whatever they don't like like a man he's gone soon anyway when the bachelor forget your name borrow your privacy bag down there. And then what the COLT and he says all men. You're done your it's over for you wanna get back to Cole in the second because remember last week we talked about Colton and the big drama was that Colton dated Thaddeus friend Tia they're both bachelor contestants last season GAAP aren't done yet even this was supposed to be a huge. Bhuj bombshell I think that thing that she was that Beckel is trying to figure out is she want to see Colton as a reaction. When he saw T and he she wanna see what Tia who's gonna do and when she saw him in a move that shocked nobody. Colton and his massive Chan are back. There were another win it it did a plane land and it's generally a I do I was. Of his shouldn't get in a room first before he does these is a really good looking guy earlier guerrillas easily played football at the for the turtle speaking of that let's let's let's talk about two things the football game that they played. This is where every professional athletes agent or team needs to prohibit them from ever the up. Taking part in a show like this again because the only guy that was still a legit football player was clay. Yeah we're not all is bought Natalee off the show but perhaps all of his career for ever because he has to have surgery on his wrist that he Kurt. While taking part in a football stunts on the bachelorette good luck tell your coach about that clay play this make you guys feel better are you actually talk football during talking about right. Yeah. The federal yeah mark David he's adjudicate dress in that chicken outfit the first week is kind of kind of a sketchy now anyway back against summoned by Chris Harrison got something to tell yeah it is an intensive care who he's got. Facial wounds. Broken face broken jaw and she'd say is you can't meet them first thing she said was cool we did this yeah and I and then they flashed to use the model toward Jake. Jordan whatever it could be in Jordan had some days before. So she thought someone assault that it gets what happened can you tell that you felt that he's. He tiff and summer. Ought to. And I'll bump them up top I don't play on his face. Yeah so I mean I got ads that gave me. I would have come up with a thousand different thing race I'd feel out of bed I was having a terrible night here. Well usually sleep in the king size bed and just rolled over and you can't down Laura met my face now are written a book yet that it of Elena one thing lasting. But I guess we got to mention is jordin. I want you to pay attention to the words to you which ones Jordan Jordan's the model now BO OK he's an idiot okay so he'd like I hope we never gets kicked off the I love this guy he usually that I or they show. Don't let those professionally. That's exactly does that work to thank you I don't know what it's like I can't find it hard. The time I can presidential uses a world with more syllables than three chances are they made it up in his case he did. Instead of our summer epic they use profession now IU a mess of my profession validate even should be our new passionate. Actually Chris I hash tag dudes talking about the bachelor until next week mark. My dad's a product segment. We've got several football and doing and say it until my dad actually might like watching the bachelor I think he would see all the other guys from them and possibly a last year.