Two Dudes Talking About the Bachelorette: A Girl Code Violation?!

Wednesday, July 18th


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It's been on summer break but it's returning to San Diego's number one for new country one of 37 discipline and a much or how excited I came about that. I'm talking about two dudes. Talking about the bachelorette. The of the matter Zulu and. It's been a few weeks summer vacation for two dudes talking about the bachelorette and and frankly. Other shows going on a few weeks too long anyway so glad that we've done this Martin missed anything went right I we didn't really at all welcome back are we can warrior mark. The president a bachelor nation at least a decade. OK so real quickly because running before we get into the three finalists the three dudes that are left with by the way. Very on this spectacular battle coming back it goes from Ari to these loads anyway but let's let's get to this first. The big girl code violation of this past week when. He from last year remember she's the big the only from Wiener Arkansas. Pause for laughter we can't access them yeah I'm not going to make big Fatah leader and you'll go away she goes back to tell her friend back of that old Colton is NFL this ex NFL is ex charger yeah. I've got feelings forms so it makes me sick when I think of the two together now let me ask Tammy would you think it's a girl code violation. This is this is back and show what's he doing there they're in our parade there's no girl called when it comes to the show is it doesn't exist of course gonna violated a wet and rightly very think. Felicia let her know that Colton at the same guy and he says the virgin. He says well I keep that personal talk anybody but hello international community I don't tell me about it except. Bachelorette nation of course the best part though was when he when he walks in right before the final rose and he says two to crest. Hey you know. The final this fancy suites are next week is there anything I need to do. He knows intimacy wise in the glow of the TO you know people are adults yeah audio TI and gets booted. Announcement Jessica do me a favor would you see if if Chris Harris and receive an Emmy nomination for best host all my guys I think its. I think he did now at this first ever really if that's the case thoroughly anyway because I got does. That guys one was left. And that's what he had a cynical because gold is the one who have another worry about the uploaded anyway yeah and Ariza your goodbyes he sounded all right so let's focus on. These three dudes. That Beckett has to choose from as the close of the finale OK you've got Blake. Blake my rule they had ever got him Blake in the final three some areas area. Jason Jason is a slicked back hair guy from New York who many will think is the dark horse to win this whole thing he's been Galileo lol yeah there's emerge and then there's Garrett. Front runner Garrett all along who in case you didn't know was forced to apologized for some pretty. Troubling would you say NC Gramm likes and they countless premises yet apologize for us really asked because these were the they were not they were the actual post from him he liked posts. On and now defunct instead Graham accountant. Some would say homophobic someone's erases him. Chris serious and got that nomination for Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? game show host. Got to be kidding. A car I'd go. Go up Blake Jason or or or Garrett who argue this point tires what you want I. Garrett that was what got exactly what about your comeback at the bachelor and yeah this is a weird I think I hear it's gonna have to Gary it's gonna win. Jason's gonna come back as a bachelor. In the fall who. Who just likes that theory. I did not like Jason at first at patty is kind of dull but after the last couple episodes I've really liked Jason especially this last line is actually the finale. Now well actually so that's legal beat fantasy suite spoken in the week after that you get the men tell all which is always so fun. Older that's what they all come back in yell at each other in front of a live studio audience they bring back that dumb supermodel Rebecca do it sorted out and that's exactly lemon at Atlanta. Clearly Jordan's going to be on paradise by the way comes on August 7 there should be a role that that the craziest kooky is like crystal from the bachelor or this Jordan got this should always keep my Robert comic relief they are crystals going to be on a bachelor are Democrats want. As those power and the answer is Jordan that'll be fun. I had but we're not doing this for that story and complete. That. Senator Jesse. So is weird you get into this more than anybody I know. Whether it's addiction and I enjoy it now in the Walt gets here yeah. That's all along I'm breastfeeding is just watch Aaron.